Hearthstone is being ruined by catering to "entitled" people

  • This game is slowly getting ruined by OP cards that allow people that don't have a decent collection to obtain Legendary cards they don't own. I am sure people have been whining because the game is too expensive to get cards. Well guess what, games like Magic the Gathering and other card games have always been like that. The fact that not everyone can just get cards easily makes these card games fun and worth investing in. Now that "entitled" people are whining blizzard is catering to them by doing things like the stupid solo adventures. The solo adventures are ruining this game. The cards people can obtain in those are way to OP. For example, cards like Prince Malchezaar and and Elise Starseeker. These 2 cards allow people that do not have a good collection to be able to cheaply get Legends in their deck. This is making the game extremely pointless to continue to invest money in this game. Why would I continue to invest if Blizzard keeps allowing OP cards like this in the game? Why would I continue to build my collection and spend money when Blizzard is making it way too easy for just anyone to get better cards without having to earn them the right way? The solo adventures are just a cheap way for people to get cards and blizzard to make a quick buck on OP cards. Paying only $25 for solo adventure and getting the OP cards you can get is way to cheap. Solo adventure is fine but don't put OP cards in there like you have been. I have invested a lot in this game but I am about to hang it up because the direction this game is heading makes investing in it pointless. It's kind of like shooter games putting OP weapons in like shotguns. This is so bad players will buy the game because they don't have the skill otherwise to be able to play. Game developers are catering more and more to these "entitled" people. I am so sick of people getting the easy way out in games to win. Gaming world is slowly becoming contaminated with these "entitled" players and companies are selling out to them so they can make more money but at the expense of ruining games with such great possibilities. And on a side note, cards like C'Thun is stupid. Why would you give away a card to everyone and then base an entire card set off that card. I am so sick of C'Thun decks. Blizzard please do not base an entire card set around one card. That is just the worst idea ever. Now all you see is C'Thun decks. So in the future please don't base an entire card set on one card. This kills variety of decks. Let people discover decks to build with combos instead of building decks in all classes around one card. Bad idea Blizzard. I have been playing Blizzard games since the company started and Blizzard is one of my favorite gaming companies, but y'all are ruining Hearthstone by the way people can obtain "hard to get" cards. This is eventually going to run off people that are skilled players that have invested a lot in the game. The game is going to get where anyone can win easily because they are being "catered" to. So if you want to kill the quality of the game by attracting "entitled" people then by all means go ahead. But if you want to keep the same kind of quality that Hearthstone had in the beginning then quit making decks easier for people to obtain. This defeats the entire purpose of investing in a collection. Let the people that don't want to invest go play stupid Pokemon Go with the other sheeple.
  • 09/14/2016 09:43 AMPosted by aenima
    It's not an English paper. Just an observation. I'm not looking for a grade. Just spotlighting issue.

    As you may have noticed, the majority of the responses to your post aren't in reaction to what you've written, but rather that it was written as solid block of text.

    That goes for us, too. We're open to hearing feedback, and feedback is very important. It's helpful to us at Blizzard if you express your thoughts in a manner that's easier for us to parse. You may have noticed that there are a LOT of people expressing their opinions around here. If you want to be heard, a big part of that is how you choose to present what you have to say.

    Clearly legible and well-considered feedback presented in a reasonably respectful manner (both to the Development team as well as other players) is a good start.
  • 09/14/2016 04:03 PMPosted by Zagara
    Feedback is helpful criticism or suggestions.

    Opinion is ones personal views, rants or whines.

    For the purposes of the forums, we consider all of the above forms of feedback.

    After all, if a player is passionate enough about something to take the time to create a forum post on the subject, then whatever they're writing about has made an impact on them, and I think that merits some attention. That said, a well-reasoned and polite post that comes from a position of clarity is much better than a hot-headed rant.