"Friendly friend"

  • Hello. I booted up hearthstone today and i recieved a "popup" that said something like "friendly friend" or similar. I accidentally clicked it away so i didn't really get an idea what it was and it got me curious.

    Was it because i hit 25 friends or something? Or was it something to do with the murloc shaman portrait?

    I've googled but found nothing.

    Thanks :)
  • You are referring to the "Friendly Feud" pop-up message. During this week, you'll be able to complete quests by playing against a friend!

    If you recently recruited a friend, then the Friendly Feud is the perfect time to help them complete quests, earn some gold, and have a great time learning the ropes.

    It's the perfect time to play together with your friends, old or new in any case!