Beat an aggressive opening (Puzzle mode)

  • Hi everyone, hearthstone community likes to complain about aggro, so I thought turning a hypothetical opening into a puzzle might be fun and constructive.

    Pick your main deck and suppose you can draw them exactly in the order you need. Try not to answer it by using a card you don't run, because the point is to evaluate where your deck is now to get ideas about how you could refine it. So if you think, oh that 2 drop would be absolutely perfect here! Maybe that is a good card to consider adding to your real deck.

    Also you go second.

    Opponent Thrall:

    T1: Tunnel Trogg
    T2: Totem Golem
    T3: Flame tongue totem
    T4: Flamewreathed Faceless
    T5: Windfury + Rockbiter @ Flamewreathed
    T6: Lava Burst x2.

    - If you removed either Tunnel Trogg or Totem Golem, turn 3 becomes a random 2 drop or a totem (assume it has a minimum of 2/2, max of 3/2 or 2/3 and an effect which will cause you to take at least one or two damage, even if killed)

    - If you remove Flamewreathed Faceless, turn 5 will be Totem Tuskarr and Turn 6 will be Rockbiter + Doomhammer, turn 7 will be lava burst and lightning bolt.

    Okay, how is your life total looking? How many cards did you use, how many did your opponent. Do you still have enough steam left in your deck if you had to use burn? How many other options were in your deck on each turn? Did you have to rely on a one-of to respond to a two-of (that is, do you run only one copy of a card you need to counter a card your opponent runs two of?)

    The idea of this is to practice how to handle a very aggressive opening offline in a low-stress enviornment and evaluate your deck. Can your deck and playstyle handle this opening?
  • Interesting thread and thought experiment! Looking forward to reading more replies here.