Deck Slots and You!

  • The Innkeeper has worked some magic to extend nine additional deck slots to Hearthstone players everywhere with patch 4.2!

    Experienced players will find 9 “new” Basic decks in their deck lists that can be edited, deleted, or re-named, while newer players can now edit their Basic decks before unlocking the extra slots.

    So Much Room for Activities
    Everyone will have access to the new deck slots, but some players will need to unlock them first. Fortunately, unlocking them is simple: Just unlock Hearthstone Heroes by defeating them in Solo Adventures Practice mode, and after you’ve unlocked all nine, you’ll also unlock nine additional deck slots, bringing your total number to eighteen!

    Veteran Players
    If you’re an experienced player, your new deck slots are probably already unlocked! Open your Collection Manager and scroll down to reveal your additional decks. You can scroll through all of your deck slots by using the slider on the right!

    You’ll find nine new Basic decks, one for each Class. You can edit, delete, or re-name them, just as you can with any other deck slot.

    New Players
    Decks slots will work differently for new players. Rather than starting with nine slots, new players will unlock a Basic class slot for each hero they’ve unlocked. Those decks can be edited, but each of those Basic decks is dedicated to a specific hero. After all nine heroes are unlocked, you’ll receive your nine extra deck slots, and you’ll also be able to delete and replace your original nine Basic decks.

    Ready for Action!
    Choosing a deck to play in a match should be very familiar, you’ll just have an extra page in the Deck Selection screen if you’ve created more than nine decks. You’ll see a gold arrow to the right or left of your deck page – just select it to switch which decks are displayed, click on the deck you want to use, and then start your match.

    These deck slots will work just like they always have: you can use them for Casual and Ranked play, Friendly Challenges, and Adventures.

    That’s everything! Just head to the Collection Manager to experiment with your new deck slots!
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