"Finding Opponent" doesn't find an opponent

  • Account: this one I'm posting with
    Server: KR
    Device: Motorola Nexus 6
    OS: Android 5.1.1
    Hearthstone version: 2.8.9554 (latest one from the Amazon app store at the time of writing)
    How to reproduce:
    1. Log in into the Asia server
    2. Select Play, choose an arbitrary deck, click Play
    3. The "Finding Opponent" animation starts playing with the music in the background, and it goes on indefinitely. Largest time I've waited around is ~7 minutes before me giving up and just close the app.

    Other info that might be related:
    - This was working a couple of days ago; since then, I've:
    - Obtained the Galaxy S6 card back.
    - Preorder the TGT 50 pack bundle.
    - Updated the android client.
    - I can't seem to spectate nor being able to play against any of my friends (the "eye" icon is not available despite both of us having the option set for our friends to be able to spectate, and the challenge icon is greyed out).
    - On the EU server, with the same account, I am able to find an opponent after ~3 minutes, where as before it would take ~seconds to find a match. I can't seem to be able to neither spectate nor challenge in this server as well.
    - I have no issues logging in with a different account.
    - On my Mac client, when I launch the game in any of the servers, I get the message "Hearthstone has been updated! Please download the latest version". The version I have there is

    Please advise.
  • Populations got a little wonky with the mobile release. Good to hear it's working now.