"Decks Are Shuffled And Cards Are Random" is a lie!!!!

  • i have been playing this cheating piece of junk for a couple weeks now and i can tell u without a doubt that that your so-called randomizing engine is a load of crap. i am getting physically sick from the number of times my opponent just happens to get the only card in his/her deck that can help at the exact perfect time. i myself have maybe been fortunate enuf to experience that kind of phenominal luck about 3 maybe 4 times in 300-400 games. that is 1% to my favor vs 50% to my opponents favor, and that is a bare minimun estimate.
    i am also having issue with the drawing and discarding at the beginning of the game. at least 50% of the time when i discard a card at the start the first card i draw for my turn 1 is my discard. 5 games in a row my first draw was my discard. 4 of those 5 i only discarded 1 card and 2 of the 4 one card discards were cards which were the only copies in the deck. now if this were an every few games or so occurance that would be fine, but at the rate i seem to be breaking the odds of randomness, i would put las vegas out of business within a week if the odds were flipped to my favor rather than my detriment.
    i have even caught the game allowing my opponents in 2 different games to draw a third copy of a card i know was not put back into the deck or increased in number during gameplay. i know that i am only allowed to put 2 of any card in my deck. for a match to be fair, each player should have the same cards. meaning that both players have as close to the same type/number of cards in each deck. i discard high casting cost cards at the game start so i'm not taking up space in my hand for 5-6 turnsb4 i can cast said card
  • There are several cards in the game (Thoughtsteal, Mind Vision, Unstable Portal, Gang Up, etc.) that allow you to have more than 2 of any one card. I understand that the patterns that occasionally and naturally develop in any random number system may be frustrating, but it would be nonsensical and abhorrently expensive for us to create an automated system that would actually do so on purpose. Moreover, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose from aggravating players.

    Most everyone knows the girl who once rolled five 20s in a row (without cheating) while playing a tabletop RPG, or the guy who constantly manages to get two pair in poker. As crazy as it can seem sometimes, it does happens naturally.