Forge Livestream Tomorrow, Fireside Chat #6 - Hunters, Forge, Art Contest

Forge Livestream - This Friday at 10 AM PST

The moment we have all been waiting for, information about the Forge is going to finally present itself to us via Livestream on TwitchTV. Do not miss it! The Livestream begins at 10 AM PST this Friday and will most likely be an hour or so long like the previous livestreams. We are expecting to learn a wealth of new information about the Forge and will have full coverage here on HearthPwn. You can either watch the stream on the PlayHearthstone TwitchTV channel or visit our website where we will have the stream embedded on the homepage. We will have a summary of the livestream and videos available to watch shortly after the stream ends. Come out and show your support and hype for Hearthstone!

If you'd like to watch some of the games played on previous Hearthstone Livestreams to tide you over until the event begins, we've got them for you below.

Fireside Chat #6 - Hunters, Forge, Art Contest

Fireside Chat Episode 6 will be live at our usual time of 1 PM PST. We will be discussing the Forge Livestream, the entries in our latest contest, and of course, the Hunter class cards. We will be broadcasting live on the HearthPwn TwitchTV channel and will have a video available afterwards on the HearthPwn YouTube channel. Hope to see some new faces and chatroom interaction with our viewers.


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