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Update: Added Tweet from Zeriyah.

Hearthstone News Tomorrow

Zeriyah promises more information tomorrow, so be sure to check our blue tracker and front page throughout the day. Alternatively, follow us on twitter to get notified when anything interesting happens. Disclaimer: It could just be another soundtrack file, don't panic.

Stranglethorn Vale Gameboard Audio & Art

In our on-going efforts to keep you entertained, I present to you, the STV Gameboard Audio! In Hearthstone, the gameboard is an interactive piece of art that can keep you entertained while your opponent is deciding how he'd like to lose. The four corners of each gameboard feature intractable objects which perform small animations and sound effects when used.

The STV Gameboard features a tent, roaring fire, waterfall, statue, and ancient ruins alongside a coconut tree. You can listen to the audio by watching the video below!

Blue Posts

Zeriyah was out to play tonight on the forums with some card clarifications and reminders.

Stealth Clarification

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Are you able to target your own stealth minion with buffs? e.g. Cold Blood

It's a perfectly fine question I am happy to answer. 

Enemies cannot target your Stealthed minions with spells and effects. You can target your own friendly Stealthed minions with spells and effects. I happily cast Blessing of Kings on my Jungle Panther. 

Friendly Battlecry effects also work on friendly Stealthed minions. I was able to target my own Jungle Panther with my Elven Archer to do one damage to it and he remained in Stealth. However, I cannot target enemy Stealth minions with Battlecry effects. 

Never be afraid to ask questions - I am happy to clarify, even if my own initial wording was not as clear as it may have needed to be at the time.

Edit: "Blassing" of Kings, sheesh, typos ...

The new post is clearly either a rule change or the old one was a mistake. But in either case, it wasn't a made up rule.

"Opposing" certainly should have been in there - A single target spell an opponent would typically use to take out a minion was cited as an example, but did not appear to be as clear as it should have been. Answers should be clear enough to not be left up to debate, so I'll double check those things in the future so we all remain on the same page. 

Now go buff some Stealthers!

Rule Consistency

A reminder to everyone that Hearthstone is in alpha and stuff can change. Remember, we're very lucky to see all of this before the game is in a public testing state.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Now obviously this is Blizzards game and they can do whatever the frigjig they want for rulings, but I'm seeing a drop in consistency for the sake simplicity (Notice the clarified rulings of Stealth and Jaraxxus).

Free game, I'm still going to try it, will still probably be fun, but I find it's getting as contradictory as the English language. I can feel the pleasure of the game slipping each day.

As Hearthstone is currently still in its Alpha phase, cards, rules, wording and other aspects of the game are subject to change. They are also subject to change in the Beta phase. 

Making rules assumptions if wording is not clear will just make you a little sad if you end up being incorrect, so it's best to ask questions if there are still questions to be had after the initial answer.


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