Innkeeper Voiceovers, Fireside Chat #3 VoD, News Recap

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Innkeeper Voiceovers

Like the Announcer, the Innkeeper is a non-player character that players will interact with several times during their game sessions. The Innkeeper welcomes players back to the game after they've logged in, lets you know when a friend has challenged them to a duel, and more!

Fireside Chat #3 VoD

If you missed the latest Fireside Chat live, it's been uploaded to the HearthPwn Youtube channel. Congratulations to weszu, winner of Fireside Chat #1's giveaway for their Murloc's Charge Swarm deck. Be sure to check out this week's deck building contest, and tune in to the next episode of Fireside Chat where we'll discuss the winner.

Weekly News Recap

Not too much happened this week since the Blizzard CMs are on vacation. Hopefully upon their return we will have some more valuable information to share!

  • June 30
  • July 2
    • The In-game Store UI was previewed. Datamined client strings show boosters purchased during the Hearthstone testing phase will give players a gift.
    • Hearthsteed as a possible reward to purchasing booster packs during the Hearthstone testing phase (Not confirmed by Blizzard).
  • July 4
  • July 5
    • We previewed the english version of the Announcer's Voiceovers. Also included were multilingual versions of the "card gets" voiceovers.


  • +1
    #4 angelcrest (Beta Patch 3388)

    "you've earned enough expert packs for this week" I'm trying to figure out what that actually means :D

  • +1
    #5 Shnackaran (Beta Patch 3388)

    He means you've reached the hard cap on Expert Packs :(


  • +1
    #6 Nethara (Beta Patch 3388)

    Quite possibly a remnant from before they changed expert packs over to gold.  Or maybe you still get some expert packs just by playing.  Who knows, hopefully we'll learn more this week.

  • +1
    #7 Aki_Evans (Beta Patch 3388) On Pax presentation Blizzard show Medal System/Weekly Tournament :} I really like this idea :)

  • +1
    #3 Shnackaran (Beta Patch 3388)

    Yeah there was a lot of surprising information in here. I guess I just never fully understood the award system, and I just assumed we would be getting Gold or booster packs, but from some of those sound bites it sounds like we'll be unlocking individual expert cards as well, win or lose. Also confirms a hard cap on packs per week from rewards. I'm not too sure what to make of this though, being that they said they were moving towards a universal currency of Gold for everything. Some of these could be outdated.

  • +1
    #8 Fluxflashor (Beta Patch 3388)

    Yep, we need to take the audio with a grain of salt since we haven't had an update in a while. Still interesting nonetheless!

  • +1
    #1 Nethara (Beta Patch 3388)

    What's this?  I think I caught a tidbit about asynchronous play in that voiceover.  "Your friend has challenged can take a turn, even if your friend isn't around."  That's awesome!  

    Seems that the "weekly tournament" is in fact just the medals systems though, not a standard tournament like a lot of us hoped for.  We'll see.

  • +1
    #2 Fluxflashor (Beta Patch 3388)

    Hopefully we'll get some clarification soon!

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