This Week in Review - Popular Decks & News, Funny and Lucky Moments #52

Wizard In-Depth Guide, Blue Posts, Optimizing Holy Shotgun
Skin Spotlight: Spectre Illidan
New Character Model Faces, Valorous Buff Live, Warrior Changes, Blue Posts, DLC #446

This Week in Review

We're definitely getting closer to Naxxramas! This past week featured a bug fix patch, the beginning of Season 4, Naxxramas teasing, and a HearthPwn site update.

Popular Decks


Funny and Lucky Moments #52

Trolden is back with another episode of his Funny and Lucky Moments series.

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  • +2
    #16 DevizzLIVE (Naxx Launch)

    Tides LMAO.

  • +1
    #14 FunkyMonkX (Live Patch 5506)

    Randomness can be tricky. Minmializing it can win you a game :)

  • +1
    #13 Sonserf369 (Live Patch 5506)

    The last one is the best. BM fails hard.

  • +1
    #12 IBGVH (Live Patch 5506)

    That Tides fail, although he has been kind of off his game lately.

  • +2
    #11 Turalyon71 (Live Patch 5506)

    Come on Blizz give us something!

  • +3
    #10 Tachyon (Live Patch 5506)

    That TidesofTime fail made me happy inside

  • +3
    #9 xRaimon (Live Patch 5506)

    "Somewhere in July"....and one month after we don't even know the prices or release date, I hate you Blizzard...

  • +2
    #8 AIperon (Live Patch 5506)

    Lucky and funny moments are more or less all known scenes, nothing really new. Shows how much in need we are of the Naxx cards.

  • +1
    #6 TheSithCode (Live Patch 5506)

    When that priest says thank you after amazhs gets up and walks away, pure gold haha.1

  • +3
    #5 Fenixdown (Live Patch 5506)

    This week in review : still no Naxx news.

  • +2
    #7 Rabidwhale (Live Patch 5506)

    Maybe one day... maybe one day Soon™

  • +2
    #3 zetoHS (Live Patch 5506)

    Couldn't be more happy that the Tracking bug has been fixed, made me lose in arena. :(

    Nice update guys, can't waiiiiit for the Naxx release.

  • +4
    #2 Sin_4 (Live Patch 5506)

    That vid of Tidesoftime losing a legend game because he misplays a BM lethal is pretty hilarious.

  • +2
    #4 Emsarrev (Live Patch 5506)

    BM fails always make me glow with happiness <3

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