Tutorial Artwork, News Recap

Tutorial Artwork

Some artwork from the tutorial mode is available. There are images of the enemies you will encounter in the tutorial and some larger pieces which appear to be lessons that players will learn in the tutorial.




Weekly News Recap

Exciting week for the Hearthstone community. Make sure you didn't miss anything!


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    #4 angelcrest (Beta Patch 3388)

    the tutorial images look fun :D I hope they add more fun images like this :D

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    #3 xskarma (Beta Patch 3388)

    Love the artwork they used. Looks "old" this way, which totally fits the theme. :)

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    #2 invAruken (Beta Patch 3388)

    Wait is that art for the "Wanted:Hogger" quest from the TCG? I love that quest.

    Does it mean they at least considered including quests before dumbing down the original TCG?

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    #1 Kayen (Beta Patch 3388)

    Dang it Blizzard, Cho is a Panda not a Sloth: http://imgur.com/lgfunHa

    Last edited by Kayen on 6/30/2013 11:30:14 PM
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