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This Week in Review

What a week. The Shaman Naxxramas card, an exciting $250,000 prize pool announcement for BlizzCon's Hearthstone tournament, and more.

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Noxious' Naxxramas Card Talk: Rebirth

Noxious uploaded a video discussing the recently revealed Shaman card from the Naxxramas Adventure, Rebirth. For a full list of the currently released Naxxramas cards, check them out here.


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    #10 Tunanya (Live Patch 5506)

    Solomid seems to be expanding into everything.

  • +1
    #9 Zelash (Live Patch 5506)

    Can it kill Jaraxxus?

  • +1
    #8 FunkyMonkX (Live Patch 5506)

    This is interesting, I hope I will use it right :D

  • +2
    #7 Jimbobway (Live Patch 5506)

    July release makes sense since kids would be out of school and would have plenty of free time to play.

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    #6 Kelez (Live Patch 5506)

    Hey guys! Thanks for listing my deck in the "Popular decks" and thanks to the community for all the positive feedback.

    As far as Naxx timing, I have a pet theory that if next month's (June) Card Back reward is the final one we've been previewed, "Charm", then perhaps within the month after that (July) they will begin the release of Curse of Naxxramas. The Hearthstone team seems committed to giving us something every month after launch (so far), and they have said multiple times that Curse of Naxxramas would be released some time this summer. July definitely qualifies as summer. 

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    #4 Unforgiven_Joker (Live Patch 5435)

    I had to run to catch a bus so i didn't have time to watch a 7 minutes long video, but then i saw it was noxious and then i was like "yeah, i can take another bus"

  • +5
    #3 ChinookUT (Live Patch 5435)

    A total of 10 cards have now been revealed from Naxxramas! 20 to go. Hopefully that isn't 20 weeks until release.

    I doubt they will reveal any more neutral cards ahead of time.  Four class cards remain over the next four weeks, give it another week after that, and maybe they'll release it somewhere around Independence Day?  Here's hoping, anyway!

  • +2
    #5 Griekz (Live Patch 5435)

    It's done, when it's done "TM" :)

  • -7
    #2 shidow88 (Live Patch 5435)

    talking 7min about 1 card is overrated

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