Season 2 Ends Soon, Climbing to Legend for the First Time

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Season 2 Ending Soon

We are 7 days away from the end of Hearthstone Season 2! Make sure you get in your ranked games to hit rank 20 so you can earn your participation reward, the Black Temple card back. This card back is only going to be available for this season, so tell all your friends to login and play some Hearthstone to get that shiny.

Climbing to Legend for the First Time

This week in Jotto's weekly Hearthstone show, Jotto gave out some great advice to players who are trying to climb up the ladder, and more importantly, legend. It takes a lot of dedication to make it to legend, and if you're interested in doing it or just becoming a better player in general, some of the tips in this video should get you started on the right foot.

The topics Jotto covers in this video are: General mistakes when laddering; What kind of decks to pick; Recording your win/loss ratio; Mentality; Improving as a player; and Motivation.

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  • +2
    #19 cplawrence (Live Patch 5506)

    Thank you for the video.  I had been floundering in the 2-5 ranks for a while, but after watching, focused on a single, fast deck and was able to hit Legend.

  • +1
    #20 piscator0 (Live Patch 5506)

    same ;)

    okay, I reached last season rank 1 but never made the final cut,

    but thanks to esp. the "tracking your games" and the program you have shown I did it <3

  • +2
    #15 nttArc (Live Patch 5506)

    Anyone else wish that the requirement to earn the card back was higher? I want having a card back to represent some sort of skill. Getting to level 20 is too easy...


  • +2
    #16 Kelez (Live Patch 5506)

    There already is a card back with a higher requirement: Legend. This game is free to play and tries to be very inclusive for casual players who don't have much time. 20 is high enough for a reward you can only get during that month. If they add more card backs that are permanently available like the Legend card back then I think they'd be willing to increase the requirements. 

  • +2
    #17 nttArc (Live Patch 5506)

    I understand what you're saying and I do agree with you and it makes more sense for a higher requirement if it sticks around like the Legend cardback. That being said, I still think it should be more intermediate. Rank 20 is really easy. I like achievements that would encourage me to improve. Someone with an extremely low win percentage can get to rank 20 pretty fast. But this is just my opinion I suppose.


  • +3
    #18 CaptainBritish (Live Patch 5506)

    Even though there is a higher-rank card back reward I do agree with you. Rank 20 is ridiculously easy to obtain, even if you have no idea what you're doing you can just smash your head against the screen for a few hours until you win enough to get to Rank 20.

    Personally I always thought it should be 15, that's a decent middleground in my opinion. 

  • +3
    #14 Griekz (Live Patch 5435)

    What about a Card back more (rank 10+)???

  • +2
    #13 iNvex (Live Patch 5435)

    Not a bad video, I would love to make legend.. but I fall into the category of switching decks all the time. I get bored of playing the same one :( But I have a healthy competition with a friend so hopefully we both try harder next season and push each other to legend! 

    EDIT: I love that Hearthstone tracker, thanks!!

    Last edited by iNvex on 5/26/2014 12:00:59 AM
  • +4
    #11 Rabidwhale (Live Patch 5435)

    Yeah for new card backs, But I want the season 3 one more.

  • +1
    #10 Elvis (Live Patch 5435)

    I hope i can get there! It will be tough though..

  • +1
    #9 Tachyon (Live Patch 5435)

    Thanks for the video, useful for new players like myself!

  • +1
    #8 Dr_Doomguard (Live Patch 5435)

    Loved this post!  Hopefully all can watch this so that the amount of forum topics of "Its no fun, I could play [fill in the blank deck] and faceroll to legend, but thats just stupid" will decrease.

  • +3
    #6 Whale_Cancer (Live Patch 5435)

    I would love to see cardbacks as something you could assign to decks. When I played magic I chose sleeves based on the deck; that concept should be included in Hearthstone.

  • +3
    #5 Whompas (Live Patch 5435)

    Nice video

  • +4
    #4 DescHearth (Live Patch 5435)

    Good video! I am currently in doubt whether I should try and make the push for legend from rank 4

  • +3
    #7 Kelez (Live Patch 5435)

    Try, because there's no reason not to. I almost stopped at Rank 5 out of sheepishness then managed to hit Legend. I'm very glad I tried.

  • +3
    #12 DescHearth (Live Patch 5435)

    Hey, thanks for the encouragement! I'm rank 1 atm, climb is going faster than I anticipated.
    Saw you ran with shaman aswell and was gonna ask you some questions on your deck (harvest golem vs farseer and pyro vs thalnos), but I see you allready addressed both of them in your guide now :)

    I really like the innovation of putting Alexstrasza in your deck btw. I might add that to mine later.

  • +3
    #3 Poizoneheart (Live Patch 5435)

    Go go get that card back! :D

  • +3
    #2 magiuspaulus (Live Patch 5435)

    Great video. I learned quite some things of it! Also, i think you hit it spot on that people thing too easy about this game. OP! Brainless! He missed lethal! are all comments i hate when watching some Twitch Stream.

    Although i keep switching my deck on ladder (which you appropriatlly advice against) between zoo, rushhunter and druidinnervate, i look forward to your decktech of the hunter deck, especially about matchups. It is interesting even for those who not play the hunterdeck as they learn how it plays :)

  • +3
    #1 Kelez (Live Patch 5435)

    Thanks for posting this video, I think a big mistake people make is thinking they just need the right deck to hit Legend. Lots of learning is involved!

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