Dreamhack Bucharest Decklists, Dev Interview: Android, Spec Mode Details Soon; This Week in Tournaments

Dreamhack Bucharest Top 4 Decklists

Decklists are out from Dreamhack Bucharest and we've got the decks from the top 4 finishers to share with you tonight. Click the spoiler button below to expand the decklists!

Developer Interview: Android / Consoles / Spec Mode

Eurogamer posted an article on their recent phone interview with Hearthstone's Production Director, Jayson Chayes, in which the subject of Hearthstone on consoles was brought up. Hearthstone has recently hit the iPad and the team is looking to release the Android version as soon as they can, but what about Hearthstone on systems like WiiU, Xbone, and PS4?

According to Jayson, "It's not something we're actually looking into right now. We feel like we have our hands full in the short term with getting into Android as soon as we can, which is kind of one of the big priorities we're looking at right now." It's definitely something the team will look into later on though if there is enough interest. I for one would love to play some Hearthstone on the WiiU.

In addition to the Android and Console mentions, Jayson also stated that the team was in the middle of designing spectator mode and that there would be more information shared in the coming weeks. Woot!

Quote from Jayson Chayes

But that said, we do think we have a bunch of unique ideas on how we can integrate a spectator mode into the game. It is actually something we're right now literally in the middle of designing and we're looking at having some more information to share on that in the coming weeks as well.

If you'd like to read the article in full, hit up Eurogamer!

This Week in Tournaments

Get your Hearthstone #ESPORTS on!

Quote from Keganbe

Here are this week's Hearthstone community tournaments! If you are ready to get into some competitive play, check out the links below. While a few of these events have prize money for the top performers, others are just for fun. If you have been climbing the ranks in our Ranked Play Seasons and are ready to take the next step, one of the tournaments below could be for you!


  • +2
    #4 PoopyMcBallsack (Live Patch 5170)

    I can't help but feel like no one notices he said, "... but what about Hearthstone on systems like WiiU, Xbone, and PS4?"

    That is fucking hilarious.

  • +1
    #5 Burzolog (Live Patch 5170)

    Molster (of the Hearthpwn staff who wrote this post) is the one who said "Xbone". In the actual interview, no specific consoles were named.

  • +4
    #3 MrBlint (Live Patch 5170)

    Spectator mode, it's about time. The snipe is real.

  • +3
    #2 xskarma (Live Patch 5170)

    So they are in the middle of designing the Spectator mode. That is REALLY good news. Can't come soon enough. :D

  • +3
    #1 Bibikis (Live Patch 5170)

    I'm curious. Are you going to do a complied coverage of the dream hack games or some type of video upload or something? It's most certainly something I would like to see. Your doing a great job here.

  • +1
    #6 Lokarx (Live Patch 5170)


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