Jaina Proudmoore Tutorial Voiceovers, Fireside Chat #2

Jaina Proudmoore Tutorial Voiceovers

The last voiceover preview from the tutorials we have to share is Jaina Proudmoore. Players will use Jaina for the six different tutorials which are to be completed before the player jumps into Hearthstone.


TUTORIAL01_JAINA_01 Bring it on!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_02 I need some minions to fight for me.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_04 You'll regret that!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_05 Excellent.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_06 Ha! Another minion, just what I needed.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_07 I've got you right where I want you.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_09 Ha! Now go for the throat!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_10 5 Attack? That thing is huge!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_13 Back to the Stockades with you, Hogger.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_15 Ha! My minion survived!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_16 I'm coming for you next, Hogger!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_17 Hmm... should I attack a Gnoll, or Hogger himself?
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_18 I can kill this Massive Gnoll, or go for his master.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_19 A SPELL card! It can only be used once, so I better make it count...
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_20 Well, at least he didn't play a card this turn...
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_21 Two cards? He must have been saving one.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_03 *sigh* What?
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_04 I need to wait a turn for my mana to recharge.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_05 I need more Mana before I can play that.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_07 More cards! Excellent!
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_08 Ah. My mana has been restored.
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_01 It's King Mukla! Get him while he's alone!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_05 Is that all you've got, Mukla? Just barrels?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_07 Kill that Ape so I can finish off Mukla!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_12 Do you hear something?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_13 What the?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_14 Why are these monkeys throwing bananas at me?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_15 You crazy monkeys!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_16 He's too strong! Kill Mukla instead!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_17 I need a minion to Taunt that giant gorilla!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_18 I'm defenseless!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_19 That thing is huge... but at least it doesn't have Taunt.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_01 Watch your tongue.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_02 But I get an extra card.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_03 I don't have any cards that cost 1 Mana.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_04 I have some tricks of my own, dwarf.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_05 Should I deal 1 damage to a minion, or Nesingwary?
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_08 One health? A perfect target.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_09 I need to find a way to neutralize that thing.
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_01 I dunno, I just played five missions.
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_02 His Hero Power... it's so strong!
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_05 Focus on killing Illidan!
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_06 Delay is not an option! Finish him!
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_01 Lorewalker Cho.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_02 I will not hold back.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_03 You are naive, Lorewalker.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_04 ...For now. After I destroy your troops, I'm coming for you!

Fireside Chat #2

The second episode of Fireside Chat will be going live around 3:45pm EST as long as we don't run into any problems with the hosts. James and Liam are both attending the Hearthstone fansite mixer today at the Blizzard Headquarters in Irvine, California and we'll have a discussion during their lunch break about the game and how their day is going.

The show will be broadcast live on the HearthPwn Twitch channel, be sure to subscribe to be notified when we go live. A tweet will also be sent out by the HearthPwn Twitter account.


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