Hearthstone Update: Arena Issue and Upcoming Changes

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Hearthstone Update: Arena Issue and Upcoming Changes

A Hearthstone patch is incoming, and it's going to have some justified Mage nerfs! The current bug which is also preventing players from playing in the Arena is also going to be fixed! Are you looking forward to the next patch?

Quote from Blizzard

In the most recent patch, we discovered an issue where some players were unable to start a new Arena run. This particular issue is unable to be hotfixed and requires a client patch to resolve. The good news is, we’re about ready to patch Hearthstone and get those affected back to normal! 

With that said, we’re not planning on too many additional patches between now and open beta, so we’ve also decided to take this opportunity to make a couple of changes to some Mage cards that utilize the Freeze mechanic. 

We’ve been keeping an eye on Freeze mechanics for the past few months, and we’ve decided to make some changes to certain cards that utilize Freeze in this patch: Cone of Cold, Blizzard and Frost Nova. These cards are all having their mana costs increased by one. We understand that the Freeze mechanic can be frustrating to play against, and we feel that these changes should allow the opponent some additional time to be aggressive with their minions and well as slow the overall pacing of the control-based Mage play style while still keeping Freeze playable in many different types of decks. 

As with all Expert card changes, Cone of Cold and Blizzard will both be disenchantable for their full value for two weeks starting from the day of the patch. 

Thank you for continuing to test Hearthstone and giving us your feedback!



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    #27 Tunanya (Live Patch 5506)

    Such a long road of nerfs and buffs Im seeing here

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    #26 UserNotFound (Beta Patch 4243)

    Higher manacost was definately the wrong way to balance freeze. Non-mages will love these, but still...
    4 mana for CoC, wtf? 3 mana for a spell that doesnt do any damage as well?
    That nerf probably killed these spells. Maybe Im wrong, but 4 mana for a spell, that damages 3 creatures for one? Additionally you cant play anything yourself, if you have to use it on turn 5. I think the only freeze card, that will be used is Blizzard post-patch, but time will tell.

    6 mana on Blizzard fucks the whole play. Ppl who dont play mage will still complain, but mages will know how sick that nerf is.
    There is no real good play on turn 5 now. Turn 6 is dominated by Argent Commander and you cant Blizz+ping anymore on turn 7.
    Wild Pyromancer / You no take candle + Arcane Explosion getting a sad comeback again.

    Usually I dont whine about patches, but wow, these changes are sick. I played Gnimsh´s style with heavy buffed minions, which was really fun to play. Now Im kinda driven into Frost Giant play I think

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    #25 MarcoTomb (Beta Patch 4243)

    Lame. Ice Block should have been nerfed instead. CoC I can get behind since it was a tad bit too powerful at three mana, but Blizzard and Frost Nova were most certainly fine.

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    #24 YuGiHoe (Beta Patch 4217)

    I dont think frost nova was a problem but ok, i dont play mage so what do i know, Right? Now all they got to do is buff rogue cards and we are good.

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    #23 Dream_swept (Beta Patch 4217)

    Good idea, nerf the cards that encourage strategy instead of the "oops I win" cards like pyroblast that force you to play poorly because of the possibility of ten to the face, compounded even more in arena. How does that not cost ten yet, like mind control?

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    #22 TrueRewire (Beta Patch 4217)

    If they make cone of cold 4 mana it won't be in my deck anymore.  

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    #21 ADA_WoW (Beta Patch 4217)


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    #16 Nintendude (Beta Patch 4217)

    I don't think anyone playing late game giants and legendary cards will feel this nerf

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    #14 codeflayer (Beta Patch 4217)

    I'm happy to hear this. Mage freeze decks never felt like a fair fight from either side.

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    #15 firespawnie (Beta Patch 4217)

    The problem is that the mage decks that use giants and freeze techniques won't be affected all that much,but the ones that play with a few spellpower minions and aoes are dead now.So the nerf does more harm than help and the real problem still remains.Mages will still be strong if any1 goes giant's route except they ll want to nerf giants too!

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    #12 firespawnie (Beta Patch 4217)

    Bye bye my mage deck!Time to play a good idea i have with hunter!

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    #8 Gohanitos (Beta Patch 4217)

    the blizzard nerf is a big one... how am i supposed to defend myself now against Warlock rush, murloc decks and shit?!

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    #19 subanark (Beta Patch 4217)
    Quote from Gohanitos »

    the blizzard nerf is a big one... how am i supposed to defend myself now against Warlock rush, murloc decks and shit?!

    Arcane explosion with a spellpower minion.

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    #6 magiuspaulus (Beta Patch 4217)

    So, i was wondering to craft the blizzards to try out the mage myself. Am i right that i can do that basically for free till the patch goes live, as i get full amount back?

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    #10 gpellizzoni (Beta Patch 4217)

    That's right, go head.

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    #4 K0bayshiMaru (Beta Patch 4217)

    Hopefully fix the healing buff issue with blood imp and stormwind champion

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    #5 ZacHFX (Beta Patch 4217)

    This was already fixed on the server side.  You shouldn't see this at all any more.

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    #7 K0bayshiMaru (Beta Patch 4217)

    Good to hear, I haven't seen it for but i've been playing around the potential until I heard it was fixed.


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    #3 linuxtrojan (Beta Patch 4217)

    ..it was about the time..but this "we’ve also decided to take this opportunity to make a couple of changes to some Mage cards that utilize the Freeze mechanic"...it doesn't sounds so good....it meas that you knew the problem, but ehh...is not the time to make some changes...

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    #17 Phlogiston (Beta Patch 4217)

    Or it means, "we've been watching this, because we've suspected it might be problematic, and this is a beta."  People seem to forget that last part.  The game hasn't been officially released, yet.  We're play-testing so that they can watch and identify problems like this.

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