Blizzcon 2013 - Hearthstone In-Game Goodies

Update: We've now got the names of the non-hearthstone rewards! Information added to the end of the post. (Source)

Blizzcon 2013 - Hearthstone In-Game Goodies

You may recall a few weeks ago when Blizzard announced that Blizzcon virtual ticket sales were starting and that we could expect an in-game goody for Hearthstone. We now have more information regarding what ticket holders will receive thanks to a post on the Warcraft Facebook Page.

From the information in this image, it looks like we will be receiving a Blizzcon 2013 Legendary Minion of some sort. It is currently unknown if this card will be obtainable in-game through crafting as a normal version much like how the normal Gelbin Mekkatorque can be crafted, but the golden version is a limited time offer for those purchasing through the Hearthstone store during beta. 

Other rewards follow the structure that we are used to seeing from Blizzard regarding promotional goodies:

  • Diablo III: Limited edition banner Pattern, Sigil, Shape, and Accent - Mark of Death.
  • Starcraft II: A limited edition portrait and decal - Tearin' Stiches & Stitches' Hook.
  • World of Warcraft: A limited edition murloc battle-pet - The Murkalot!

The Diablo rewards are already available in-game if you've purchased your virtual ticket. The Hearthstone, WoW, and SC2 goodies all require a client patch.

Be sure to join us on the forums and let us know what you think the card will be.


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    #8 ciccio44 (Beta Patch 3749)

    Imho that yellow colour seems to indicate a golden version of a ?NEW? minion or something like that; it will be like Mekkartoque, so no problem if it's a strong card.

    Just fewer golden cards for no-buyers.

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    #7 Mascotte (Beta Patch 3749)

    Expected cardpacks, seemed like an easier thing.

    Not sure if this will end up being the better option due to balance.


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    #4 Heaviest_Flow (Beta Patch 3749)

    $39.99 for a virtual ticket? Um....I'm gonna go ahead and pass on this one.

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    #5 Shaelen141 (Beta Patch 3749)

    The virtual ticket is pretty awesome.  It's a ton of content over two days, but it is pretty pricey.  I wouldn't get it if you only wanted the rewards, but I find all of the panels and competitions to be really entertaining.  

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    #3 SamGrilla (Beta Patch 3749)

    Prolly a fun card but not a powerfull card as it would not be fair for others that didn't bough ticket.

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    #6 splashaku (Beta Patch 3749)

    Quote from SamGrilla »

    Prolly a fun card but not a powerfull card as it would not be fair for others that didn't bough ticket.


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    #2 xskarma (Beta Patch 3749)


    I allready have the virtual ticket, so I'm getting it either way, but DAMN, unkown minion, that's going to be awesome. Although, if you look at how useful Gelbin is...

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    #1 Shaelen141 (Beta Patch 3749)

    That murloc crusader looks sweet :)  I like the golden card idea as well, but I doubt it'll be that strong. 

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