Beta Wave #3, Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway Reminders, Blue Posts

Beta Wave #3 Sent Out This Evening

Zeriyah let us know on Twitter that another round of Beta Keys were sent out to opt-ins. Check your email inbox associated with your Battle.Net account to see if you got in!

Hearthstone Facebook Beta Key Sweepstakes

If you're still looking for a beta key, don't forget to enter Blizzard's Hearthstone Beta Key Sweepstakes over on the official Hearthstone Facebook page. Winners of the giveaway will be picked on Tuesday, September 3rd, which only gives you a few more days to get your entry in. Good luck!

Gamepedia Hearthstone Beta Key Contest

Much like Blizzard's Facebook Sweepstakes, Gamepedia's Hearthstone Wiki Contributor Giveaway is also coming to a close. If you'd like to have a chance at winning your very own beta key, you have until Monday, September 2nd to make a constructive edit to an article on the Hearthstone Wiki to get an entry. Full contest details are available on the beta key giveaway wiki page.

Blue Posts

There hasn't been a whole lot of activity on the Hearthstone forums recently, and it looks like we might see some different blue posters next week as Zeriyah is going to be out of the office.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hello everyone! I'm going to be out of the office for the next week, but we'll have other friendly blue posters lurking around the forums and keeping everything orderly while I am away. Please keep offering helpful beta testing feedback in this forum and contributing to our Community forum with your latest creations and I will return soon™!


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    #6 boulios (Beta Patch 3749)

    seem that quebec isnt eligible why does french canadian are always put aside

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    #7 Fluxflashor (Beta Patch 3749)

    Gambling laws unfortunately.

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    #5 Fiffen (Beta Patch 3749)

    So the Americas is already on the 3rd beta wave, meanwhile in Europe...

    The game is ready for beta already, why should EU be punished like this every single time about everything Blizzard related.

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    #8 Korruptus (Beta Patch 3749)

    Because the company is AMERICAN, not European, much like Japanese games are first tested and played in Japan before hitting US/EU. Quit complaining about something you aren't entitled to.

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    #10 Fiffen (Beta Patch 3749)

    So as a paying customer, i can't complain because I'm European?..

    If only i could convince every EU player to end their subscription, then maybe..

    Also, as of now PS4 will hit NA first, and no date for Japan, so your logic falls flat.


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    #11 jchevier (Beta Patch 3749)


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    #12 jtbnoob (Beta Patch 3749)

    How are you already paying for the game?

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    #4 Odins_wrath (Beta Patch 3749)

    I don't really post much of anything lately. I just check back in every other hour! to see if anythings different but there's not much to post or do here.

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    #3 Rorin_ (Beta Patch 3749)

    Well at least they are sending more waves to the Americas Region. Sad to hear that people are already selling their beta keys in WoW for 200+ bucks, but I think it's always the same with closed betas for popular games.

    After the EU announcement two days ago my hype died a little and I juft check this website regularly and play around with the arena simulator for a bit....still watching Noxious Playlists but there hasn't been a new arena run from him since Tuesday :(

    In 3,5 weeks I have two weeks out of the office and hope for a EU release and a key by then...

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    #2 Zagnaphein (Beta Patch 3749)

    Truth is things havent been been active in forums according to the blue posters.. Oh well we will see at least we got many giveaways to try and earn our keys till the EU opens.

    Last edited by Zagnaphein on 8/29/2013 12:35:12 AM
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    #1 R0ninX3ph (Beta Patch 3749)

    Thats a big "Nope" for me on the beta-invite list. *sigh* Really want to get in there and make me some videos!

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