Hearthstone Patch 4.2.0 - More Deck Slots! Lady Liadrin - The Next Paladin Hero, Card Backs, Whispers of the Old Gods Pre-Order

Update 6:20 PM EST: Pre-orders are live in US.
Update 6:00 PM EST: Lady Liadrin can now be unlocked! The achievement is now active on WoW on at least US Realms. Get to level 20 to unlock her in Hearthstone!
Update 1:55 PM EST: Patch is once again live and we can login this time!

Hearthstone Patch 4.2.0

A new patch is on the download servers! Restart your Battle.net client to grab the update. Information to follow.

Lady Liadrin - The Next Paladin Hero

The next Paladin Hero will be Lady Liadrin. The client states she will be obtained through a WoW promo and according to Daxxarri, this is accurate. Additionally, there's no need to put any money into unlocking Lady Liadrin. Details to follow on the official Hearthstone and WoW sites.

You must level up a character to level 20 to get Lady Liadrin. It can be a fresh character or a level 19 that gets to 20, as long as you ding 20. This can be done on a trial account, it just need to be on the same Battle.net account as your Hearthstone account to get the reward. WoW is fun, GLHF!

Lady Liadrin Voiceovers and Music

We've datamined some audio files for Miss Liadrin!



Voiceover Strings

Quote from HearthPwn

  • CONCEDE: Your win, friend. I concede.
  • ERROR_FULL_MINIONS: I have too many minions.
  • ERROR_GENERIC: I cannot do that.
  • HAND_FULL: My hand is full!
  • ERROR_I_ATTACKED: I already attacked.
  • ERROR_JUST_PLAYED: Give that minion a turn to get ready.
  • ERROR_MINION_ATTACKED: That minion already attacked.
  • ERROR_NEED_MANA: I don't have enough Mana.
  • ERROR_NEED_WEAPON: I need a weapon.
  • ERROR_PLAY: I can't play that.
  • ERROR_STEALTH: I can't target Stealthed minions.
  • ERROR_TARGET: That's not a valid target.
  • ERROR_TAUNT: I must attack the minion with Taunt.
  • GOOD_GAME: Good game.
  • GREETINGS: Hello, challenger.
  • LOW_CARDS: I'm almost out of cards!
  • LUNAR_NEW_YEAR: Hello, challenger.
  • MIRROR_START: Holy fire is my middle name.
  • NO_CARDS: I'm out of cards!
  • OOPS: An error, to be sure.
  • SORRY: Apologies.
  • START: My hammer burns with holy fire!
  • THANKS: My sincerest thanks.
  • THINK1: Hmm...
  • THINK2: Options, options...
  • THINK3: Should I... Hmm..
  • THREATEN: You will pay for that, cur!
  • TIMER: Let's move!
  • WELL_PLAYED: Well played.
  • WINTERVEIL_GREETINGS: Happy Feast of Winter Veil!

GvG Packs Now Flagged as Leaving Soon

A new boolean has been added which designates packs as "leaving soon". In addition to that, a leaving soon text line is also present.

  • Goblins vs Gnomes will soon be unavailable for purchase. You can still craft and play the cards in most modes, though not in the upcoming Standard Format.

Overwatch, C'Thun, Hogger Card Backs

These three card backs are now in the client. The Overwatch card back is a reward for purchasing the Origins Edition.

New Card Pack - Old Gods

A new card pack has been added for Whispers of the Old Gods and with that, a new shop UI screen as well.

New Tavern Brawl Chalkboards

Garrosh & Jaina, Rafaam & Kel'Thuzad, a pile of cards around a crystal, and a Giant walking right past one of those "you must be at least this tall" signs. 


Deck Recipes

Deck recipes have been added to the game.


  • Classic Druid - As a Druid, flexibility is part of your nature.  These Basic and Classic cards allow you to accelerate ahead of your opponent and to adapt to their strategy as you choose!
  • Ferocious Beasts - Continuously assault your opponent with the most ferocious beasts Azeroth has to offer. And a few non-beasts. They're honorary beasts.
  • Overwhelming Numbers - What is better than three minions?  Seven, of course! Summon an army of smaller minions, and grow them into huge monsters.


  • Classic Hunter - Wild animals answer your call, as you lay down traps and strike with your bow. Hunt your opponent with this deck of Basic and Classic cards.
  • Deathtrap - Set traps to protect yourself as you control the pace with other spells. End the game with some of your bigger minions or a flurry of damage to your opponent’s hero.
  • The Thrill of the Hunt - This Hunter deck is one of the most aggressive in the game.  Remember: if you're not attacking their hero, you're probably doing it wrong.


  • Classic Mage - Want to be a Mage?  This deck of timeless Basic and Classic cards is designed to enhance and support spell casting!
  • Spells Unending - This deck is packed with tons of minions who find you more cards.  Trade your spells and minions for theirs aggressively to leverage the extra cards you’re getting.
  • Dragonfire - The ancient dragons will crush all opposition, assuming you live long enough to summon them. Nefarian told me to tell you not to embarrass him by dying.


  • Classic Paladin - Interested in justice?  Consider a career as a Paladin with these Basic and Classic cards!  Command your army to control the board and cast blessed spells of the Light!
  • Dragons of Justice - Keep your opponent's board clear and finish the job with your high cost dragons.
  • Tide of Murlocs - Summon the greatest army of the tides. You’ll need to practice your battle cry! All together now: "MRGGLGLGGGL!"


  • Classic Priest - Are you a healer?  With this deck of solid Basic and Classic cards, keep your minions alive as they fight for you!
  • Strike With the Shadows - Take matters into your own hands. Trade in some healing spells for deadly shadow magic and aggressive minions!
  • Dragonflight - Survival is key when dealing with dragons. If you can last long enough, your big dragons will end up taking over the late game.


  • Classic Rogue - Orchestrate the situation to your maximum advantage.  Exploit card interactions and strike swiftly with this deadly aggressive deck of Basic and Classic cards!
  • It's Combo Time - Combo multiple cards together in a single turn for maximum effectiveness!  Keep control and pair your cards effectively.
  • Empowered Spells - Surprise your opponent with just how much damage you can do. Spell Damage minions will strengthen your spells to help finish the job.


  • Classic Shaman - Elements guide your path!  Use elemental magic to destroy enemy minions, and enhance your own to overwhelm your opponent.  All you need is Basic and Classic cards!
  • Totally Totems - On their own, each totem is fairly weak, but amassing an army of them can be quite scary. It'll help you win the game, too.
  • Murlocs Unleashed - Try rushing down your opponents using the Murloc’s aggressive synergies and finish them off with direct damage.


  • Classic Warlock - Power is all that matters, and you take it from whatever the source.  This fast paced deck of Basic and Classic cards is full of minions intent on swift destruction of your opponent.
  • Demon Horde - Fill your board up and keep it full. Many of your cards become more powerful when you have tons of minions on the field, so decide carefully how your minions attack.
  • Handlock - You’ll want to stay alive while using your Hero Power as much as possible, some of your cards get better the more cards you have in your hand.


  • Classic Warrior - What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! These Basic and Classic cards take advantage of taking damage, and allow your hero to take part in the battle with weapons!
  • Unleash Your Rage - Dealing damage to your own minions is your path to victory here. Keep them alive long enough to take damage multiple times.
  • Reno Jackson - This deck only has one copy of each card in it, so that Reno Jackson can bring you back from the brink!

New Cards

As usual, plenty of Tavern Brawl cards have been added in with the build.

Quote from HearthPwn



Hero Power

  • Barracks (New) Hero Power Play a random Stormwind Soldier. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • DIE, INSECT! (New) Hero Power Deal 8 damage to random enemy. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • Necromancy (New) Resurrect a random friendly minion that died this game. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • Staff of Origination (New) Add a random legendary minion to your hand. It costs (4) less. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • Staff, First Piece (New) Add a random minion that costs (5) or less to your hand Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • Staff, Two Pieces (New) Add a random minion to your hand. It costs (2) less. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • Swat Fly (New) Hero Power Deal 3 damage to random enemy, for now... Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2
  • The Majordomo (New) Hero Power Summon a 1/3 Flamewaker Acolyte. Type: Hero Power Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2


  • Anub'Rekhan (New) At the end of your turn, summon a 3/1 Nerubian. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Attack: 5 Health: 5
  • Fallout Slime (New) Destroy any minion damaged by this minion. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 1 Attack: 2 Health: 2
  • Gluth (New) At the end of your turn, summon a random Undead. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 4
  • Gothik the Harvester (New) Deathrattle: Summon a Spectral Gothik for your opponent. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Attack: 5 Health: 4
  • Grand Widow Faerlina (New) Has +1 Attack for each card in your opponent's hand. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Health: 5
  • Grobbulus (New) Whenever this kills a minion, summon a poisonous 2/2 Slime. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 5 Attack: 4 Health: 7
  • Heigan the Unclean (New) At the end of your turn, deal 4 damage to a random enemy. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 3 Attack: 4 Health: 5
  • Herold (New) Deathrattle: Deal 1-4 damage to a random enemy. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Race: Mechanical Cost: 1 Attack: 1 Health: 1
  • Instructor Razuvious (New) Battlecry: Equip a 5/2 Massive Runeblade. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 8 Attack: 3 Health: 3
  • Lady Blaumeux (New) Battlecry: Summon a fellow Horseman. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Attack: 2 Health: 7
  • Noth the Plaguebringer (New) Whenever an enemy minion dies, summon a 1/1 Skeleton and give your other minions +1/+1. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 7 Attack: 2 Health: 5
  • Patchwerk (New) Battlecry: Destroy a random enemy minion. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 8 Attack: 5 Health: 8
  • Sapphiron (New) At the beginning of your turn, Freeze a random enemy minion. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Race: Dragon Cost: 5 Attack: 5 Health: 6
  • Set all minions to 1 health (New)"> Set every minion's health to 1, and then explode in nothingness. Type: Minion Set: Cheat
  • Shieldsman (New) Taunt Battlecry: Add Stormwind's Attack to this minion's Health. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2 Health: 1
  • Sir Zeliek (New) Lady Blaumeux is Immune. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 4 Attack: 1 Health: 5
  • Spectral Gothik (New) At the start of your turn, deal 4 damage to your hero. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 3 Health: 3
  • Standard (New) Can't attack. Adjacent units have +2 Attack. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 2 Health: 2
  • Swordsman (New) Battlecry: Add Stormwind's Attack to this minion's Attack and Health. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 3 Attack: 1 Health: 1
  • Trial Damage Dealt (New) Damage dealt to Stormwind. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Attack: 1 Health: 1
  • Trial Hero Power Used (New) Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Attack: 1 Health: 1
  • Trial Length (New) Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Attack: 1 Health: 1
  • Trial Minions Killed (New) Number of minions killed. Type: Minion Set: UnkNew2 Attack: 1 Health: 1


  • Armory (New) Attack increases over time. Type: Weapon Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 1 Health: 1
  • Massive Runeblade (New) Deals double damage to heroes. Type: Weapon Set: UnkNew2 Cost: 3 Attack: 5 Health: 2


  • Snipe Secret: When Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, deal 4 damage to it. Type: Ability Set: Expert Class: Hunter Faction: Neutral Cost: 2


  • Mirror Entity Secret: When Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, summon a copy of it. Type: Ability Set: Expert Class: Mage Faction: Neutral Cost: 3


  • Repentance Secret: When Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, reduce its Health to 1. Type: Ability Set: Expert Class: Paladin Faction: Neutral Cost: 1
  • Sacred Trial Secret: When Secret: After your opponent has at least 3 minions and plays another, destroy it. Type: Ability Set: LOEDISPLAY Class: Paladin Cost: 1
  • Lady Liadrin (New) Type: Hero Set: UnkNew Class: Paladin Health: 30

Deckslots and You!

Quote from Daxxarri
The Innkeeper has worked some magic to extend nine additional deck slots to Hearthstone players everywhere with patch 4.2! Experienced players will find 9 “new” Basic decks in their deck lists that can be edited, deleted, or renamed, while newer players can now edit their Basic decks before unlocking the extra slots.

So Much Room for Activities
Everyone will have access to the new deck slots, but some players will need to unlock them first. Fortunately, that’ll be simple: once you unlock all nine Hearthstone Heroes by defeating them in Solo Adventures Practice mode, you’ll also unlock nine additional deck slots, bringing your total number to eighteen!

Veteran Players
If you’re an experienced player, your new deck slots are likely unlocked already. Open your Collection Manager and scroll down to reveal your additional deck slots. You can scroll through all of your deck slots by using the slider on the right.

You’ll find nine new Basic decks—one for each Class. You can edit, delete, or re-name them, just as you can with any other deck slot.

New Players
Deck slots will work differently for new players. Rather than starting with nine slots, new players will unlock a Basic class slot for each Hero they’ve unlocked. Those Basic decks can be edited, but each one is dedicated to a specific hero. After all nine Hearthstone Heroes are unlocked, you’ll receive nine extra deck slots, and you’ll also be able to delete and replace the original nine Basic decks.

Ready for Action!
Choosing a deck to play in a match should be very familiar, but now you’ll have an extra page in the Deck Selection screen if you’ve created more than nine decks. You’ll see a gold arrow to the right or left of your deck page—select the arrow to switch which deck page is displayed, then choose the deck you want to use for your match.

These deck slots will work just like they always have: you can use them for Casual and Ranked play, Friendly Challenges, and Adventures.

That’s everything, so head to the Collection Manager to start experimenting with your new deck slots!

Official Patch Notes

Quote from Blizzard
With this Hearthstone patch, Whispers of the Old Gods becomes available for pre-purchase!

There’s a lot of other cool stuff in this patch as well: players can now enjoy Hearthstone in Thai, we’re making several improvements to the Collection Manager, and we’ve added UI elements to pave the way for the new upcoming formats. There’s also a new Hero and new card backs to earn--oh, and we’re fixing some bugs too!

Read on for details!


  • Pre-purchase Whispers of the Old Gods
    • Starting now you can pre-purchase a “Whispers of the Old Gods” 50 card pack bundle from the in-game shop and unlock a special card back. Whispers of the Old Gods packs cannot be opened until the expansion launches, which will be before May 31, 2016, however, the card back is available immediately! 
  • Unlock up to 18 deck slots!
    • Gain access to 9 additional deck slots by unlocking all nine Hearthstone Heroes, bringing your total number of deck slots to 18.
    • If you’ve already unlocked all nine Heroes, your new deck slots are waiting for you in the Collection Manager: just delete or edit the Basic decks you’ll find in your deck list.
  • Many improvements have been made to the Collection Manager.
    • Deck Recipes are now available in the Collection Manager. Use Deck Recipes to quickly experiment with some new deck ideas.
    • Right-clicking on card backs in the Collection Manager reveals an improved display. So fancy!
    • When building decks, the “Suggest a Card” feature is now smarter about its recommendations.
    • It is now possible to search for cards with new search terms, including Attack, Health, Cost, Golden, etc.
    • A more complete listing of all the new functions will be revealed in an upcoming blog.
  • We have begun preparing for the arrival of Standard and Wild formats with new UI elements.
  • The following Hero portrait has been added:
    • Liadrin – The new Paladin hero is obtained through an upcoming World of Warcraft promotion.
  • Hearthstone has been localized into Thai. Players around the globe can now enjoy Hearthstone in 14 different languages!
  • The following card backs have been added:
    • Hogger – Acquired at the end of the month by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of March 2016.
    • Eyes of C’Thun – Acquired by pre-purchasing Whispers of the Old Gods.
    • Overwatch – Acquired by purchasing the Overwatch: Origins Edition.
  • Bonuses provided by Enrage effects now work correctly after a minion’s Attack and Health values have been swapped.
  • [iPads with iOS 9.0.2+] Resolved an issue that could cause Hearthstone to crash when launched with the device held in certain orientations.
  • [Android] Resolved visual issues that could occur with the League of Explorer’s card back and after League of Explorer matches on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ devices.
  • Resolved various issues with AI behavior and gameplay.
  • Fixed various audio, graphical, and UI issues.


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