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    posted a message on Rummaging Kobold

    Should be at least a 2/3 so the body isn't worthless. As is, I can't imagine this being in any deck unless a Legendary or token weapon is the deck's only strategy.

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    posted a message on Kathrena Winterwisp

    Pretty good if you have mostly big Beasts. She's expensive but the Battlecry half can drop a LOT of stats on the field. The main questions is will Hunters still be mid and late game instead of agro? Or will they be out of the meta altogether?

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    posted a message on Duskbreaker

    Broken. This is how you end the agro meta, folks.

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    posted a message on Feral Gibberer

    This should be a Beast for Hunters. I'll try to experiment with it in a Hand Paladin deck.

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    posted a message on The Runespear

    Supposedly this is Carine's weapon.

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    posted a message on Guild Recruiter

    For when you absolutely need a Doomsayer.

    The End is coming!

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.11 - Discussion Topic

    I'm curious to see what cards end up in the finals and how people will vote for them. There are a TON of submissions that rely on memes or popular cards that would be utterly broken in Hearthstone. So will people vote for actually balanced submissions? Or just their favorite card from Magic/Yugioh/whatever.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.11 - Discussion Topic

    I haven't gone through all the cards yet, hopefully this hasn't been posted already.

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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition - FINALE [Poll]

    Congrats Razor! I was surprised I did so well this competition, making it to 2nd place (same as the last contest) when I had considered dropping out early due to real life issues. Glad I was able to stick to it and finish. Thank you everyone for your support, and congrats to everyone who was part of this awesome contest!

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    posted a message on Presentation Tools! (feat. Coloured Text)

    Really, the different color text options should be labeled "Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Druid, Hunter..." etc.

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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition - FINALE [Discussion]

    Ok...I think I'm completely done. Added colors to my Class cards, and added notes to Fear and most of the class cards to point out my ideas and some synergies. Didn't do any notes for Warlock and Warrior but they are pretty straightforward. Good luck everyone! Everyone's final threads look great!

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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition - FINALE [Discussion]
    Quote from Cogito_Ergo_Sum >>

    Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, Druid, Hunter

    Gotta love those added colour options! If only they were used to improve the improve the presentation of some threads...

    Of course you mention this after I post and when I'll be gone all day. *sigh* maybe I'll have time in about 15 hours. 
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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition - FINALE [Discussion]

    Getting close to the end! I'm working more on my presentation tonight. Should finish tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone else's threads!

    Also, does anyone know how to make nested Spoiler boxes without copying and pasting? 

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    posted a message on [Expansion Competition Finalist] Hallow's End

    Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! 
    Shelter your weak, your young and your old! 
    Each of you shall pay the final sum! 
    Cry for mercy, the reckoning has come!

    There is a festival that occurs in the autumn months. It is a time of celebration, of costumed children and masked matrons passing out candy. When farmers light bonfires to celebrate the harvest. But as villages the world over gather together, the guards must stay vigilant. For with the waning daylight comes things that prowl and skitter and groan and howl. Rotten crops and corpses rise as the cursed Horseman rides. So gather around your family and toss an offering to the Wickerman, so that you may be safe during...  

    Hallow's End - A Custom Hearthstone Expansion

    Hey everyone, and thank you for checking out my custom expansion, Hallow's End, for the Expansion Creation Competition! My expansion is themed after the holiday event of the same name within Warcraft. It has been loads of fun competing with everyone and watching so many cool creations come to life. I've always been a fan of Warcraft lore, and I did a ton of research to help my set match the themes and tone I was looking for. I hope you like it! Thank you to the mods for the contest, and for the community for your support, votes, and feedback that helped shape my expansion over the past couple weeks!

    What follows are the major themes of Hallow's End, its unique keyword Fear, and a couple example cards. After that is the full collection, all 84 submitted cards (plus 18 tokens!) separated by class and rarity. I've also added some notes to some of the spoilers to better explain cards and my thought process behind them. Please note that these ideas started development prior to the announcement of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.


    Candy is one of the fun themes in Hallow's End! In celebration of the harvest, children all over Azeroth don costumes and visit neighbors for sweet treats! In Hearthstone, Candy is represented by nine 1-Cost common cards, one for each class. A combination of Spare Parts and Kabal Potions, Candy are collectible cards that are also generated a number of ways. Use them to add some flavor to your deck!

    Here's a list of Candies


    - Candies were one of my first ideas for the set. They are all simple ideas that can add useful tools to every class, since every class can get them through some of the candy generating cards. Giving classes extra forms of healing, or card draw, or removal can shift how those classes play. And of course, they work very well with any deck that wants lots of tokens to fuel combos.

     And cards that generate Candies

    The Headless Horseman is the mascot and main villain of Hallow's End. This fearsome monster raids villages with his sinister servants, spreading terror throughout the lands. There are those who try to emulate his power and summon his minions for themselves. Those who do will have loyal monsters who can give them even more sugary treats. 

    Cards that summon Sinister Squashlings

    Fear is the new Keyword in Hallow's End. It is a temporary debuff that affects minions, reducing their Attack. Just like Freeze, it lasts until after the minion is able to attack. Fear can be used to slow down the game and prevent enemies from attacking, or take the teeth out of a big threat to set up combos and favorable trades.

    Cards that cause Fear


    - After not having a keyword for my Chronomancer class, I knew I wanted one in Hallow's End. I also wanted something that affected combat, unlike recent keywords like Discover, Inspire, and the Gadgetzhan effects.
    - Fear went through many iterations, but I love the simplicity of its current effect. Using Fear can slow face decks significantly. It can also help you make better trades against big minions.
    - There is also a lot of strategy with Fear. Using it against a Poisonous minion means it can't kill your guys. Combo it with Priest removal to remove big threats and get around the 4-Attack issue. Or protect your Hero when you use weapons.

    That's not all! We've got monsters, celebrants, costumes, and everything else that would bring out the holiday! And because the Worgen of Gilneas and the Forsaken of the Undercity are the main celebrants of Hallow's End, expect to see plenty of them!


    The Collection

    As autumn descends on Gilneas, darkness stirs. Alpha Prime has come, tempting the cursed Worgen with power and driving them to unleash their inner beast.



    - For Druids, I wanted to buff Beast synergies and avoid making Jade Druids even stronger. Grim Eclipse handles the Beast portion, giving a strong buff that won't impact many of the tokens currently used by Zoo Druid. It's also a great buff for the legendary, Alpha Prime!
    - The last Druid card I made, Blood Moon, is probably my favorite of the entire expansion. I wanted to help out many of the Quests with this expansion, and Blood Moon is a sure fit. With some of their new defensive cards from Frozen Throne, Quest Druids could be a real thing!

    With the beasts and monsters running wild, those who know the how to combat it are called to protect the vulnerable towns with traps and bow.



    - Hunters already have great early game, but they are a one trick class. I wanted to give them powerful midrange and control tools that wouldn't make their rush decks too strong. Gilnean Mastiff, Black Arrow, and Grim Crossbow give Secret synergy to help with card draw and more defensive tools.
    - Murder of Crows and Nathanos Blightcaller support Quest Hunter while still providing excellent value.

    To fight the Scourge, Archmage Arugal of Gilneas unleashed the Worgen. But does he truly control them?



    - Mage took awhile to figure out. I didn't want to promote their Quest too much (since Candies already do that) and wanted to give them more value and minion based tools.
    - Flamestoker is great for a burn deck, to help you end the game quickly.
    - Xenophobia is a ridiculous pun. It means 'fear of the unknown' (as in, fear of what Secrets you have) but is often used to mean 'fear of others' (as in, fear of Worgen).

    The Light is the best weapon against the darkness. Its up to the great Paladin Sir Thomas Thomson and his men to stop the horrors of the night. Surely the Light will protect this great champion....



    - Bubble Gum is my favorite Candy of the set.
    - Fearless Champion is a strong taunt minion, but was created so that Stonehill Defender stopped giving so many Legendaries to Paladin players!
    - Devout Templar supports both Quest and Secret Paladins! 
    - In lore, Sir Thomas Thomson is corrupted into becoming the Headless Horseman. 

    To most, Hallow's End is a celebration of the harvest. But to the Forsaken, it is a reminder of their salvation. For all who dwell within the Undercity owe their freedom to the Banshee Queen.


    - From the beginning, I knew I wanted Priest to have strong Forsaken themes. This lead to all the Deathrattle Quest synergy.
    - Wailing Banshee is amazing when combined with Silence Priest. She also works well with Sylvanas, Hallowed Queen. Bring her back with Sylvanas, then Hero Power a 1/1 to bring it back to full stats.
    - Sinister Mask is very powerful when combined with Fear effects.

    There are those who take advantage of the holiday. With the guards fighting monsters and the citizens partying, these quiet, unsettled souls will take what they desire.

    Traitor's Secret Tokens


    - Masquerade is one of my other favorite cards of the set. Its a good Combo activator and works very well against enemy Deathknights! Against Valeera the Hallow, it would give you a Shadow Reflection that disappears at the end of your turn.
    - Lord Godfrey's tokens are 'discovered' one at a time. 6 Secrets mean your opponent won't know exactly what you get if you play 5.

    Throughout Hallow's End, the spirits are restless. With the Horseman at large and winter creeping in, keepers of lore look to expand their knowledge and protect their people.


    - Earth Shield is a huge boon for Crusher decks, giving the Shaman more big walls that also heal them.
    - King Mrgl-Mrgl is the only Legendary of the expansion not tied to Hallows End or the Worgen and Forsaken. He's a guy in a Murloc suit, but other Murlocs serve him as their leader. So he's not actually a Murloc, but is for gameplay purposes. Hence the "Murloc".

    Hallow's End is full of mystery. And there is power in mystery. Forces of darkness strive to burn down villages, while greater threats are out in the open, corrupting from within.

    King Greymane was well loved by his people. But now the Worgen curse rampages through his lands and drives his countrymen to madness. Now the great king must tame the raging beast within to save Gilneas.


    Hallow's End is full of characters! Villagers cast an offering to the Wickerman while the guards watch over them. Beasts lurk just beyond the flickering torches, waiting for the time to strike.









    - Matron Nightingale represents an orphan matron trying to keep children from hurting each other by giving them fake Foam Swords. She's a good card for weapon decks that also works for anti-weapon tech. 

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