About Me

Hello there! I'm am just ThisOtherGuyTox. But you can just call me Tox :)

I consider myself to be an avid Card Creator. Despite i'm one of only two people with a Design Champion Border, who have never actually won anything :/ Although i currently hold the title of having made the most voted card over at /r Custom Hearthstone.

I'm also a rather decent Hearthstone player. Getting legend most seasons where i bother to try, and helped invent RenoLock back in the days, reaching legend 35 the day after the first week of LoE released. My current highest rank ever is Legend 2. Back during TGT, where i crushed the filthy Secret Palas with my aggro Druid deck :)

I've consider streaming, although i never pulled myself together to actually do it. But it's gonna happend someday Soontm

If you ever have any questions about Ladder, Arena or Card Creation, feel free to send me a message, and i'll try and answer them to the best of my abilities.

I also like dank memes. 



Favorite Class Paladin Region EU