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    posted a message on My thoughts after a week of expansion

    My usual response to threads like this is that when you are seeing a lot of one deck, you should obviously start playing a deck that counters it.

    But I can't say that here, because there are NO matchups where Big Priest is at a disadvantage. So while I will point out that it's Big Priest, not Razakus Priest, that is dominating, I cannot prescribe a cure, because there really is a problem here.

    The absolute worst win rate Big Priest has against any specific archetype is 50 percent. It's usually much higher. But 50 percent as your worst matchup? That puts you at Tier 0, and it cannot be allowed to stand.

    When this happened with Druid after Frozen Throne came out, there was a nerf about two weeks later. Let's hope Team 5 acts as quickly this time around.

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    posted a message on When can I expect to do well?

    There aren't a lot of great budget decks out there at the moment, but the meta is still a-jingle-jangling.

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    posted a message on POLL: Do you like KaC?

    The cards of this expansion may feel a lot more interesting after the rotation. There's just too much toxic garbage left over from the Year of the Kraken to get an honest feel for newer stuff.

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    posted a message on Mage is easily the worst Dungeon Run class

    It's more about the matchups you roll than the class.

    If you get favorable matchups for the build you choose, it will be super easy. If not, you'll come away thinking it's impossible.

    (That said, full-on Jade with the battlecry totem is basically unbeatable for the classes that can get it. Too bad Mage is not one of those classes.)

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    posted a message on Scripted Card Draw??!

    33 games is a tiny, tiny sample size. Your results are unexpected, but not conclusive of anything.

    More important, you need to ask yourself: What possible motive could Blizzard have for intentionally making the game behave this way? Before you answer, consider the guaranteed backlash when (not if -- WHEN) players confirm it's happening. The cons definitely outweigh any oddball list of pros you can cook up.

    Conspiracy theories without real evidence are a waste of everyone's time.

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    posted a message on I don't like what this game has become

    Welcome to the endless cycle of waiting for the cards you hate to rotate out. You can be sure they'll add more cards you hate at the same time.

    This is Team 5's official design strategy -- love it or leave it.

    Personally, I've chosen to embrace it and try to play exactly the cards and archetypes that seem to make all the haters the angriest.

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    posted a message on Is it a bug or what???

    In general, secrets will never waste themselves by triggering at a time when there would be no effect. The most straightforward example of this is Competitive Spirit, which will never trigger when you have no minions. So while I commend your idea to play around secrets in that way, you can stop trying.

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    posted a message on Why The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a better game than Hearthstone

    Eternal is way better than TESL, but of course this is all a matter of opinion, as is every single point in the OP, except for the "viable decks" comment, which is a moving target in all games.

    I play both Eternal and HS, for different reasons. Got bored with TESL a long time ago.

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    posted a message on What if you could buy individual cards with money instead of packs?

    You want to be able to buy dust more cheaply than you already can?

    That makes no sense at all. People would buy far fewer packs, and direct dust sales wouldn't even come close to making up the difference.

    Of course this is a thing you want as a consumer, but it's a terrible idea from Blizzard's perspective.

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    posted a message on Why Priest won't be as broken as many believe

    It all depends on how long it takes them to nerf Psychic Scream.

    I'm guessing less than three weeks.

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    posted a message on Competitive big spell elemental mage

    Raven Familiar is a bad card generally, but it's actually terrible in a deck where almost half the spells cost (2).

    Choose big spells, or not-in-your-deck spells. Don't try to do both.

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    posted a message on Twilight call otk
    Quote from BigFatMurloc >>

    Interesting idea, problem is Amor thought, will be almost auto loss vs warrior and druid. I wonder if this is actually the reason the made Plated Beetle with 3 armour could be just coincidence could be actual design reason.

     It's not a coincidence at all; it's definitely for Jasper Spellstone synergy.
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    posted a message on New Paladin Weapon - Val'anyr
    Quote from Jonesy978 >>

    Did we ever determine if the buffed minion can be silenced, thus preventing the re-equpiing of the weapon?  That is, is the effect a death rattle effect?

     Historically, that's how things have always been handled, so it's a pretty safe bet.
    Also, if opponent uses weapon removal when you have no minions in hand, Val'anyr is gone, baby, gone.
    So there are several ways to wreck it. I sense disappointment looming for a lot of Paladin fans.
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    posted a message on Patch 10.0: Kobolds Flavor Text, New Quests, Kobolds Brawl, 4 Card Backs, Datamined Info

    The January Ranked cardback is so much cooler than the Dungeon Run one.


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    posted a message on Patch 10.0: Kobolds Flavor Text, New Quests, Kobolds Brawl, 4 Card Backs, Datamined Info

    The Princess Bride is genius. This is quote is just a pop culture reference, also known as the low-hanging fruit of humor writing.

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