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    posted a message on Why nerf? Why not redo the base set?

    Rotating the base set goes completely against the reason for having a base set.

    Basic cards are the sucky cards everyone gets for free. You're not supposed to have to buy them. They are not supposed to be great cards. You are meant to feel good about growing out of them as you get better cards.

    That's why it's OK if they get nerfed into oblivion. If you are using certain Basic cards in every deck, there's a good chance they are too powerful to be Basic cards.

    It's true that there are still some Basic cards that are quite powerful, but power level isn't the same as ubiquity. If you take a close look at all the archetypes, you'll find that surprisingly few Basic cards are autoincludes in every single deck.

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    posted a message on A discussion on basic cards

    Complaining that Basic cards are "useless" ... totally misses the point of Basic cards.

    They are meant to be cards you cut your teeth on, then replace as your collection improves.

    The only time there's a problem is when a Basic card is an autoinclude for all archetypes of a given class. (Fiery War Axe, Innervate)

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    posted a message on Is the matchmaking system really random, or rigged?
    Quote from iandakar >>
    Quote from DimosTheTherion >>
    Quote from iandakar >>
    #($#( JUST looked at latest the reaper report.  Pirate warrior is sitting at 2.5%.  On average, a play run of 100 games would see about 2 pirate warriors.
     Can you please post a link of these reports? I don't know where they are. Also if this is true, either i am consistenly unlucky, or am right that matchmaking has some other factor in. Because i CERTAINLY dont see only 2-3 pirate warrior decks in 100 games, but a lot more...
    Pulled the data report from Sept 28th.
    And yes, if you are seeing far more pirate warriors track em up and show off the data as that WOULD be interesting.  Make sure to note your server and rank too btw.
     Comparing one person's experience against an aggregate will never be meaningful or interesting, especially when the aggregate sample is taken from a range of ranks that is different (likely significantly broader) than the individual's sample.
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    posted a message on Is this normal behavior?

    I once had someone on my friends list get snippy with me after we played my 80g friend-quest game where I used PW because I also had a pirate quest.

    I literally gave this guy 80 gold, and he still felt the need to criticize my deck choice. Even after I told him why, he still told me I could have played a weaker pirate deck to give him a chance to win. In a game where winning literally didn't count for anything.

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    posted a message on nerf Ice Block?
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>
     That would make no sense, the card is an Epic, it can be used twice in a deck. They should simply remove it from the pool of generated cards. 2 Ice Blocks is perfectly fine and part of the strategy. Extra Ice Blocks is basically cheating.
     That would make a lot of sense, except that it's far more complex a solution than Blizzard would ever be willing to implement. Deleting certain cards from the random draw/discover pool is inelegant and counterintuitive.
    But you have indeed isolated the root of the problem: Simply put, Ice Block cannot coexist with Blizzard's decision to make drawing random spells a part of Mage's class identity. One or the other will have to go, and I'm pretty sure it will be Ice Block that goes.
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    posted a message on If you want a different game similar to Magic, come try Eternal

    I started Eternal several months ago, and I completely quit Hearthstone a few weeks ago because Eternal is just better in every way. BUT ...

    Eternal does have problems that you won't have seen if you've only been playing a few weeks. It's important to note that the game is still in Early Access on Steam, which shows that even the developers don't quite consider it ready for prime time just yet.

    Mathematically inclined fans of Eternal have discovered that its mulligan system creates a situation in which it is impossible to pin down an optimal mix of power (mana) for a given deck. At the same time, this system seems to punish control decks unduly by making it easy to curve out to a low power ceiling and much more difficult to curve out to a higher ceiling than an unmanipulated mulligan system would.

    Another issue is that relic (relics are like a combination of MtG's enchantments and artifacts) removal is far too rare and expensive in terms of card advantage. Essentially, there's very little risk in playing insanely powerful relics because, first, they are often much cheaper than they should be, and also because most opponents will not or cannot pack relic removal without gutting their deck. To further compound this, Eternal decks contain 75 cards, making it much less likely you will have that precious relic removal in hand when you need it.

    Don't get me wrong, though -- Eternal has tons of great ideas that I love, and I really do want it to succeed. The way they handle armor and relic weapons is fabulous -- Hearthstone could learn a few things from them on this front. Eternal also has the most interesting keywords I've ever seen in a card game, and I love how buffs persist across zone changes (i.e., getting killed or sent back to hand). And on-summon effects always happen, no matter how a unit comes into play, unlike Heathstone's battlecries.

    In short, there's a lot to like, as long as they sort out the balance issues before the full release.

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    posted a message on Help! I suck at Arena right now

    Are you aware of the forced "synergy" picks for the first two rounds of the draft? These essentially force you to have two bad cards in your deck -- every time -- because you'll never be able to draft enough other synergy cards to make it actually work.

    So yes, your decks are objectively worse now than they were in Un'goro. The best you can do is work around this by ignoring the synergies and picking the least bad cards. (The exception is Druid, because Beast synergy is stupid easy to achieve.)

    Also, the class rankings have shifted significantly. Druid is now at the top (used to be at the bottom) thanks to it being the only class with easy synergies, and Mage has fallen to middling status for the first time in Hearthstone Arena history. So if you're still picking Mage over Druid, that's part of your problem.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Infestation... needs to be changed
    Quote from LarryMfG513 >>

    its also been making druids fatigue themselves a lot 

     Citing an example where bad players are playing badly does not really add to the discussion.
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    posted a message on Kel'thuzad is the next upcoming hero in Heroes of the Storm

    Because HoTS didn't have enough undead voodoo necromancers already?

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    posted a message on Newish player coming back, need some advice...

    If I were OP, I'd seriously consider waiting until Blizzard sorts out the mess it made.

    We went from the most interesting, most balanced meta ever, to one of the worst, basically overnight.

    And they managed to screw up Arena at the same time, so you can't even find refuge from the idiocy over there.

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    posted a message on Go Figure, Druid is Popular! Dean Ayala Talks About Monitoring the Meta & Potential for Changes

    Even in the Undertaker days, there weren't four completely different Hunter archetypes dominating the meta. That's what is happening with Druid right now, and that's why it's so obvious to pretty much everyone that there's a serious problem. It's supremely frustrating that Blizzard can't admit it.

    The real answer isn't "It's too soon to tell." It's "We fucked up in so many different ways, we don't even know where to begin to fix it."

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    posted a message on can we please get a 3rd deck slots page already?
    Quote from Manuelo46 >>

    A lot of people are forgetting that not everyone plays HS on pc, making the copy paste feature and innkeeper prettuly obsolete for those on, let's say: phone for example.

     I import decks on my phone all the time, but I don't use innkeeper.
    I have never exported a deck, though, because I'm not obsessive enough to think that information will ever be useful, plus it's not that hard to reconstruct a deck I've deleted.
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    posted a message on can we please get a 3rd deck slots page already?
    Quote from GuNNerTID >>

    Extra features harm no one, they only add value to the game.

     That is absolutely untrue.
    If it's a feature that 90 percent of the players will never need or use, it takes away from limited development time for UI improvements that are needed and have been requested by many players for a very long time. Things like auto-squelch, for example.
    In that way, largely unwanted features harm a majority of players, while (by definition) adding negligible value.
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    posted a message on can we please get a 3rd deck slots page already?

    I gotta agree with wacky here. There's no way you're playing all 18 decks with any regularity.

    Importing decks is ridiculously easy, and if you're that dedicated to your deck catalogue, you should probably be saving their strings anyway.

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    posted a message on Why don't rogues get secrets?
    Quote from UnicornViolet >>
     It's really hard to argue that any class would rely on secrets tactically more so than the Rogue.
     My argument was never that others are more suited than Rogues, just that Rogues don't have a corner on the market.
    But that's all very much beside the point, as the word "secret" in Hearthstone is mechanical only, so it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it flavorwise.
    If it makes you feel better, just replace the keyword "secret" with "countermove" in your head, and we can all get on with our lives, because no matter what you call them, Rogues are not going to get them.
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