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    posted a message on Ben Brode Interview - Insight into Casual Hearthstone, Meta, Just for Fun, Card Bans

    Does anyone actually do these Fireside Gatherings, or is it just a bunch of Blizzard BS promoting it like it's the greatest thing ever and tons are doing it? Am hedging my bets that 1% or less of Hearthstone players have actually done it.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Hero Coming Soon - Nemsy Necrofizzle, the Gnome!

    So they decided a random Gnome was better than Kanrethad Ebonlocke ? What a joke. They could have even had all Warlock spells turned into Fel Green just like in World of Warcraft. That idea is infinity better than this Gnome, and i thought that up in under a minute. Maybe i should get hired so we get actual good concepts.

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    Went BaiZe as well.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2017 Goodie Bag Contents Revealed! Virtual Ticket Details Coming this Week
    Quote from Chimera >>

    So you think if you go physically it's ok to pay but if you want to watch remotely it should be free? Sound logic... Honestly, your entire argument is swiss cheese.

    "They're already paying to physically pick up the pizza, it's pure greed to ask money for delivery!". 

    That's not what greed is at all; that's a price. If you don't value it enough to spend the money, don't. Greed is you coming here to leave this comment because you expect it for free.

    Additionally i think it is hilarious, you referring to Blizzcon as "Blizzard's own advertisements of their own products". 

    1. They don't have to advertise anything to these people, they already love the games and that's the entire reason they are interested in this in the first place XD. 

    2. What would they advertise instead if they were advertising? Fifa2018? Jesus christ.

    There's many possible factors at play here. You either:

    -Don't have a clue what you are talking about and want free shit
    -Bought it once and didn't like it and think nobody else should because you want your money back
    -Extremely dense
    -A troll

    Enjoy Blizzcon!

    Let's be honest tho.....Blizzard charges the absolute premium for a Virtual Ticket, i don't even think special event UFC fights cost that much to view. I enjoy the Virtual Ticket, but let's not pretend the price should be that high...Honestly something like $14.99-$19.99 is acceptable....$49.99 is highway robbery. It's getting so high i don't even think i purchase it this year even tho i have a couple times in the past...It's just getting to stupid at this point.
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    posted a message on Will Druid STAY number one

    Innervate change hardly does anything to knockdown Druid. The issue was mana ramping ability from Wild Growth,Jade Blossom and Mire Keeper coupled with insane card drawing mechanics.

    It's actually hilarious to me how people believe a temporary 1 less mana crystal will knockdown Druid, maybe people don't realize just how overpowered Druid is atm...You honestly think this Innervate change is going to dethrone them and break their back? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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    posted a message on Discuss the Nerf - Innervate

    This will do nothing to knock down Druid, you're still going to see Druid as 90% of your matches. They didn't even target what the problem was, the issue is Druid's ramping ability/mana crystal gain from Wild Growth, Jade Blossom, Mire Keeper, they will still be dropping Infestation on turn 7 if need be and max mana so nerfs such as Spreading Plague now costing 6 means nothing and can still combo with the 4 mana taunt card.

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    posted a message on Five Card Nerfs Coming in the Next Hearthstone Update - Druids, Win Axe, Murlocs, Hex

    I don't think these changes will do much for knocking down Druid. The main issue was Druid's ability to ramp at a accelerated pace being capable of dropping big abilities on turn 6-8/getting to max mana quickly, coupled with insane card drawing ability. Also not a fan on how they nerfed Innervate they just turned it into a reworded coin.

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is officially over for me (Warning: SPOILERS)

    OP watches the first 7 seasons and claims he ain't going to watch the final season when it comes out...Good one. You'll be back once BabyRage subsides...You have over a year to get over it. The chances you actually don't ever watch any of Season 8? 0% chance. Ain't fooling anyone.

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    posted a message on Lich King Murloc Paladin
    Quote from Pointblank65 >>

    It is completely RNG, but that is what you get with a cheap deck full of cards most people probably already have. I would have to craft at least Uther for the other decks I have seen, so I decided to try it with this one. I got lucky on attempt 4 and was able to kill him by turn 6. RNG is RNG. =(

    I would say the best opener you can get is Murloc Tidecaller, Rockpool Hunter, and Murloc Warleader so mulligan hard for those. If you can't get those, hope for a consecration for turn 4. If you are behind on the board after the first 3-4 turns, I would probably concede and try again.

     I ended up getting it around 20 attempts...You basically need perfect everything....Tidecaller on turn 1, turn 2 Rockpool to buff...turn 3 had my other rockpool to buff and 1/1 grimscale...turn 4 was divine strength buff and warleader.....turn 5 lookout into a 3rd rockpool.....turn 6 was bluegill.......Basically was the dream....And thats what you need to beat it.

    The Lick King also needs a slow start...No coining a 1 drop.
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    posted a message on 8/9 lich king battles tips

    You just need health gain from Antique Healbot, Garrison Commander, Shield Block, and a couple more cards to stabilize. Once you have that on lock down Obsidian Destroyer was MVP, you want to get a Faceless Manipulator on him and if you want can use all the 1/1's to fuel Frothing Berserker When i made that deck i got it on the 1st try....I actually didn't even have a Brawl in my decklist...I cleared the Frostmourne turn by using Violet Illusionist/ Fool's Bane combo...Lots of tricks to be done.

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    posted a message on How are yall doing with Lich King?
    Quote from Chinchillas >>

    There are so many things about this fight that feel like such a punch to the gut..

    The fact that Druid is given arguably the easiest challenge of them all.. 
    The perfectly timed Obliterates.. The perfectly timed Blizzards..

    Then the extreme difficulty spikes with no warning for certain classes. Mage/Hunter/Warrior seem to have gotten it the worst. 
    The deck building restrictions don't make the fight more fun.. Instead it only leaves you with such a niche handful of options that you're almost forced into crafting legendaries  JUST for this fight.. boo.

     Good.....It's nice when everything ain't a brainless handout for once.
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    posted a message on How are yall doing with Lich King?

    Most aren't even worth mentioning because they are so easy...The only matches that are actually difficult to a decent degree is Paladin and Warrior match up...

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    posted a message on How are yall doing with Lich King?
    Quote from ashes1990 >>
    Quote from DarkArchon21 >>

    Only one i can't figure out is Paladin...Am trying Murlocs without Anyfin finisher...People were saying they can burst before turn 7 but i think they are full of shit, haven't come even close in about 20 trys.

    Anyone know a good deck that aint the same Exodia/Murloc bullshit everyone keep reposting for paladin?

     I shit you not, you just use aggro murloc and pray that rngjesus gives you what you need. I got perfect curved plus a lucky kft card from the one drop, maintained perfect board control and perfect curve for turn 6 lethal/
    What did you play on your opening 5 turns in order to accomplish this?
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