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    Hey friends,

    is my second project after HearthstoneStats (, but this time focusing on arena and card value. The idea was to provide an easy to use resource, mainly for new players, helping them picking the correct cards based on different things like a base value (inspired by trumps and antigrav1tys spreadsheets), mana curve and possible card combinations. For example, a Spiteful Smiths value goes up with weapons in your deck or something like 10 cards for 4 mana should lower the value of additional 4 mana cards (yes i know a mage with 10 Flamestrikes would pick another one -.-). The calculation is far away from perfect but i'm okay with the results so far. All this is of course optional, you can always turn it off and use it as a simple tier list. It's pretty much an improved spreadsheet. Preview:


    So how is it working? You select 3 cards, get the value, click one to mark it as "taken" and go to the next round of picks, that's it. Selecting 3 x 30 cards ? No thanks ! Good news, you don't have to do this manually, there is this little helper:


    The app is taking Hearthstone screenshots, scanning for cards and selecting them for you. This should work with all resolutions, languages and cards (I couldn't test all 382 yet, it's possible that 2 of them are very similar for the program or something like that).

    Any upcoming features ? Yes ! I would love to add Trumps card ranking and detailed description but it's very hard for me to contact him and ask for permission ;/ Next on my list is to show more details, things like what's increasing / lowering a cards value or what's a good combination. Another point is adding more features for example deck export from Hearthstone into hearthpwn deckbuilder. Then i'll have to work on the server performance (loading 30 card pictures hurts a lot). And last is fixing the Internet Explorer Bugs (i'm pretty sure someone is still using it).

    I love feedback, please contact me about bugs, ideas, feedback or just small things like wrong card values (using the contact link on will always include your current deck).

    My Thanks to you are a wonderful inspiration for testing and the idea with the app

    Thanks a lot :)

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    wow i haven't Gotten a chance to go home and try this but I defiantly like the idea Thanks for all the hard work !!

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    Hmm seems like a pretty cool program. I'll have to try this out later today. Thanks for the post.

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    I've only seen the values in the program and they look pretty good,I think that new players should definitely give this a try (though I think personal experience>>>program cause you get to understand the game more but ok,it will still be helpful)

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    Horrible horrible job.  This will help newbies way too much.  ;-)

    I'm just kidding this is pretty darn cool.  I only went through 5 picks but it pretty much agreed exactly with my choices.  There was only one where I chose against the suggestion and it was only ranked 2 points differently between the choices.  Probably a really good starting point for people who aren't sure what to draft.

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    I tried this, but it wasn't using the cards as per my client. It was doing nothing. I had to manually enter each of the three cards. Is there any trick to getting the automation working? Do I have to run fullscreen versus windowed mode?


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    Hey, you'll need window mode. Restart the program could fix it but for me it sounds like a known problem with two or more video cards / monitor setups.

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    Hi hsstats,

    Again, a very good idea! I'm trying to make it work but it fails in window mode for me. I'm using two monitors with extends display on my 680 GTX...
    I disconnected one screen (not physically but in the display settings) but it didn't fix the issue unfortunately.

    Any idea how to make it work ?
    Does having HearthStone Stats started make a difference ?

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    Hey, is Stats working for you ? Because then i'm kinda clueless (they are using the same method to capture screenshots).

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    Yes stats is working perfectly fine :) (very great tool again too)

    I'm using 1920*1080 in windows mode and hearthstone in French (but, as I understood from you, this doesn't make any difference so...).
    I'll make some more tries and see how it goes!

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    Made a deck using your app. I simply looked at the numbers and ignored everything else. Have not a good felling, s lot decisions i would not have made. But lets see where it leads me. It looks like this

    • Hearthstone_Screenshot_1.25.2014.15.25.38

    My name is Alperon and I am here to save you
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    You should have posted the deck link because it's hard to say anything without knowing your other options. For example Core Hound is a bad card yes, but it doesn't look that bad anymore if your other cards are Wisp and Shieldbearer.

    Edit, found it in the logs (correct me if its not yours) ->

    What do you think is wrong ?

    Edit 2: #22 looks wrong yes.


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    It does not take into account which kind of deck you want to do. Aggro or more control? I generally prefer to play Warlock in arena a bit more aggro.
    The #11 i would have decided for the Stormwind Champion and would have influenced a lot other decision who followed, just as an example. I am not a fan of Venture & Co Mercanary simply because only new players tries to kill him. In this deck here which has mostly high mana minions it is even harder to play. The #22 was a "what really?" feeling :D
    There are some cards which your app does have problems with:
    Faery Dragon
    Novice Engineer
    Thralmar Farseer

    Edit: Went 5:3 Better than expected but 2 wins the opponent was really a new player who would not play at all.

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    Can we get a hotkey for screen cap? Or is there one? Clicking the little bar over to import current card selection is agitating. Also can't wait until you implement "profiles" of picks. Such as Trumps, or AntiGrav1ty's (

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    Hotkey is a good idea and i'll start to add trumps rating as additional info later today. Can't really make a full "Trump profile" because there are only 70 or 80 cards yet.

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    I love the program so far man, great work. The hotkey will probaby make it absolutely amazing. I think you should pursue adding information below each card, to explain why its good, or bad, etc. Basically how Trump describes each common card, put those tidbits under each card to explain why it's good value, or tips for the card and how it can be combo'd or played, to give ideas for later picks further in the draft. (For example below if you draft an Acolyte of Pain show below that it combos well with Whirlwind, or Wild Pyro or whatever - to help newer players.

    Any way good work!

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    Interesting program! I just gave it a shot, and although I didn't agree to all the recommendations, most of them were spot on in my opinion.
    Here's the link for reference:
    I have to admit I got very lucky here, 8-0 so far. One thing that I noticed is that it values tinkmaster very poorly, in my opinion. For a class like druid, he is pretty good, especially when not drafting any starfalls/swipes etc.

    Edit: Maybe I overstated it's value. In constructed it's so good because there will always be a sylvanas/rag/cairne, but in arena this is pretty rare of course. Still, it serves its purpose from time to time. Maybe I should have gone with Hogger instead though, although it feels like a win more card to me.

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    Running unsigned & untrusted executables downloaded from unaffiliated websites is a recipe for trojan attacks.

    Is the source going to be released?

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    Yes i'll do that TehJumpingJawa, until then here is the check:

    Not sure what "McAfee-GW-Edition" is and why its different from "McAfee" but i'll look into it. Here is some info about Symantec

    Still working on Trumps ranking:


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    Thanks a lot !, I did 3 arena following your guide at 95%, I am not a bad arena player to begin with, but this program help me see synergies I didnt realize or simply make me realize that I shouldnt take that 7th 2 mana cost card, I always prefer control over aggro anyway, here are the stats of my 3 games. (luck score is based on my opponent deck, like if I fight against a 3flamestrike ragnaros mage on my first game, it will lower my luck/10)

    warrior 1868 score - 1 win (2/10 luck) (23 minions, 5 spells, 2 weapons)
    paladin 1865 score - 8 win (7/10 luck) (19 minions, 8 spells, 3 weapons)
    Shaman 1958 score - 8 win (6/10 luck) (17 minions, 12 spells, 1 weapon)

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