Does the BlizzardCS Contest comply with Facebook rules and local laws?

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    It looks like they broke Facebook's rules for running a Giveaway.

    Section III, Subsection E, point 3 

    They are using a Timeline to hold the giveaway. They are required to use an app. 

    And they have also incorrectly called their sweepstakes a Contest, which implies that there is a subjective judging occurring to pick a winner.

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    It actually states they may be "administered on pages or within apps". They're administering the contest through the page, and are not asking users to share anything on their personal timelines.

    It doesn't look like they're breaking any rules insofar as those guidelines are concerned.

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    Timeline to hold key is so unfair. It should be random.

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    Oh my god. Grow up a little. They are doing this PLUS the opt-in waves. It's bonus. Don't go legal on them just because you weren't lucky.

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    What Titebiere said , stop being angry jelly monsters for not getting a key yet.
    I'm not amused i haven't gotten one yet as a veteran blizzard fan but i'm not complaining.

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    A company as big as Blizzard, with all the lawyers and money they could want at their disposal are more than likely going to have checked all the rules and regs before starting something like this.

    I'm not defending them, I believe the facebook beta thing from Blizzard CS has been utterly terrible, in its wording as well as execution, but I don't doubt for one minute that it was not within the rules or bounds set by facebook or other related governemental stuff.

    "I should have done it all so differently, but I'm just me."
    - Evergrey

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    Its just a marketing strategy which happens to work however they should consider stopping it, seeing how much grief its starting to attract. Atleast 50% of the people participating in the bonus key raffles cry about bots and unfairness.

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    Quote from Fuinur »

    Its just a marketing strategy which happens to work however they should consider stopping it, seeing how much grief its starting to attract. Atleast 50% of the people participating in the bonus key raffles cry about bots and unfairness.

    Speaking as a Marketing Student here (Graduating this year, yay!). The moment I saw the sweepstakes, it made me scratch my head. Knowing Blizzard (I have a lot of respect for their Marketing Department), I can't imagine they would approve such a thing. 

    Firstly, what is their goal with this. I seriously can't figure this out. Are they promoting Hearthstone? If so, why, why, WHY Blizzard Customer support. This is not a product. They are not proposing anything. The page is used as a communication's medium. It's a service catering existing customers. You don't intermix Marketing and Customer Support. I can't see Blizzard gaining ANYTHING with this. If anything, it will piss off people who has actual problems. And you know what? The so called "Likes"? They are not worth a damn. A company would rather engage with 100 people, have a dialogue, build their brand and have a response rate than 100k who are not involved with your product what's o'ever.

    Sure, you could say that it creates "awareness"... It creates 'buzz'.. But once again, it's not worth it. The saying "Any Publicity is Good Publicity" is totally wrong. You don't want your customers pissed off. You just don't. Even though the majority of them will play Hearthstone, why go the extra mile with this sweepstakes, just to piss them off, if you are not achieving anything. Well, I am lying, it did achieve minor Awareness. It did create traffic (But once again, why Blizzard CR...), it did Engage (Yeah... and left everyone pissed).

    Okay, maybe I am an idiot. Maybe I don't see the Bigger picture. I don't have the numbers to crunch with... But, here's something I know. I did have the chance to work with FB in promoting a Company, so I did get quite close to FB's policies. They may have changed, it was a year ago. Maybe I am wrong. But I am 99% certain that:

    a. A 3rd party Application MUST be used for promotional material. Was it used? Nope.

    b. Facebook functions can't be used as entry tools. Liking, sharing, messaging and etc. For Legal reasons. You have to accept the terms of the sweepstakes. Liking, Messaging and etc. is not enough. And that's also why an Application HAS to be used. Hey, I can create a sweepstakes on FB, saying a randon person who shares this post will win a Ferrari. And you know what? I am not entitled to give away a Ferrari, just because you pressed "share"

    c. You are not allowed to notify Winners via Facebook. It has to be done via E-mail, telephone and etc. The amount of small businesses I know that held sweepstakes, announced the Winners on FB, only to get PM'ed by Fake accounts which copied all of the information from the Winner's page, making it as authentic as possible. 

    Oh yeah, the language is also... Just wrong... Seriously, you have a Facebook Customer Support page... With someone posting in the first person? Seriously? What... The... Hell... Mind=explodes. If your name is Actiblizz, and you own a Pizeria, yeah, sure. Go ahead, if you want to create a chilled, casual, warm image of your brand, go for it. But for a Company like Blizzard... It's just absurd.

    I have a feeling someone will get in to BIG trouble at Blizzard for this.

     Important Edit: Derp, I actually lied. Should have double checked the term link, since apparently, they changed it and made it easier for businesses >__<! Yeah, No APP is required and you can use Shares, likes and messages to enter sweepstakes... Apparently, This was changed on.... August the 27th >__>. A week ago. So yeah, my guess is that Blizzard is just testing this out now.

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    "Personal Timelines must not be used to administer promotions"

    I think they are within the rules of Facebook for holding a giveaway. Before you waste time looking through Facebook polices to ruin things for other people, you should learn how to read said policies. 

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