You Make The Card: Naxxramas Edition!

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    Just felt like making some cards, decided to make one for each Naxx boss. 

    Anub'Rekhan - 8

    Battle Cry - Silence each enemy minion, and create two 3/3 Crypt Lord tokens with taunt.


    Grand Widow Faerlina - 6

    A player may destroy one of their mana crystals to give this -6/-0 until their next turn.


    Maexxna - 8

    Battle Cry - Your opponent can't cast spells or attack on their next turn.


    Noth, the Plaguebringer - 4

    ~ can't attack. At the end of each turn, summon a random skeleton minion. (ranging from 1/1 to 4/4)


    Heigan the Unclean - 6

    At the end of each opponent's turn, cause a 50% chance for each minion for that minion to take 4 damage.


    Loatheb - 6

    Characters can't be healed or dispelled.


    Instructor Razuvious - 4

    Battle Cry - Opponent gets 4 0/5 minions with taunt.


    Gothik the Harvester - 3

    Adjacent allies can't be attacked. 


    Patchwerk - 8

    Patchwerk attacks each opposing character instead of one.


    Grobbulus - 5

    Taunt, Death Rattle - each character gains Death Rattle - Summon a 2/2 Ooze


    Gluth - 6

    Charge, At your end step, summon 3 1/1 Zombie Chow. At the beginning of your turn, destroy all chow and Gluth gains 4hp per each destroyed.


    Thaddius - 6

    Overload 6, Spells opponents play have overload 4


    Sapphiron - 12

    Costs 2 less for each Legendary undead you control. 

    Battle cry: Freeze all opposing minions


    Kel'Thuzad - 10

    Battle Cry - Draw 5 cards.
    Death Rattle - Shuffle ~ into your deck


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    You seemed to have thought these through, nice ideas in here but they would need lot of balance as it looks very op from where I stand

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    Let me change your mind

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    Four Horsemen would be hard to incorporate while achieving the flavor of the fight and maintaining balance, but here it goes...

    Baron Rivendare - 10

    Battlecry - Summon the horsemen.

    Battlecry - Unholy Shadow - Reduce a target's health by 2.


    Thane Korth'azz - 0

    Battlecry - Meteor - Deals 4 damage split evenly (as possible) between all enemy targets


    Lady Blameux - 0

    Battlecry - Voidzone - Randomly deal 1 damage to an enemy and any adjacent allies.

    Deal 2 damage to a random enemy every turn.


    Sir Zeliek - 0

    Battlecry - Holy Wrath - Deal 2 damage to a target, 50% chance to damage an adjacent target for 2 damage.

    Deal 2 damage to a random enemy every turn.



    Its probably a bit OP, but I'd argue that its easier to deal with (initially) than Deathwing.

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    How do you dare to miss the more important card in Naxxramas?

    Mr. Bigglesworth

    Cost: 2

    Attack/Health: 1/1

    Deathrattle: Put a copy of "Kel'Thuzad" in your hand.


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    I meant to put Mr Bigglesworth and 4horsemen, I copied the ideas from my phone and forgot to add them. 

    Mr. Bigglesworth was similar to what you posted:

    Mr Bigglesworth - 2

    Death Rattle - Kel'Thuzad costs 2 less to play this turn.


    4 Horsemen was like this:

    The Four Horsemen - 10


    Call forth the four horsemen! The four horsemen of Naxxramas share a health pool and can only be damaged once by each spell.

    Thane Kor'thazz


    Death Rattle - deal 9 damage divided evenly among all opponent's minions.


    Baron Rivendare

    Charge, ~ can only attack the target with the least health.


    Lady Blameaux

    ~ is immune while attacking. 

    When ~ attacks a target, dispel it.


    Sir Zeliek

    ~ can't attack. At the beginning of your turn, ~ does 1, 2 and 3, damage to 3 random enemy minions.


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