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READ: The Hybrid Mage for Quick Grind to LEGEND

  • Last updated Jul 23, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Yogg Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 5960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/17/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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First off, who the hell is this new guy. Well, I have been around for a long-long time in hearth, but just haven't had the time ever to post.

This deck is not simple, it's not easy, but if you want true real results with having a lot of fun deciding crucially on every turn along with thinking about turns in advance give this deck a shot.

Those who post on here with epic 80% W/R's are just comical. Their sample size is with 20 games played from rank 20-15 range so they believe their deck defies all known mathematical variance and is the best deck ever created and their deck could even somehow finally solve Unified Field Theory.

This deck however was polished over many games and all living from within the fair early month grind stages of rank 10 to sub-500 legend. Yes, my proof is only a ~60% W/R played which is really close to a 65% according to my own programs, but unfortunately my deck-tracker doesn't show details from multiple accounts nor showing all of the numbed legged 3-hour long "Porcelain-Throne" toilet sessions that we are all guilty of playing on our phones.

This is a deck that has gotten me from rank 10 to rank 1 every season and QUICKLY and has the potential to take you into deep legend. If you want a quick grind that is fun to play and has some thinking and strategy behind it then pay attention and read on, if you want an easy grind to rank 1 then go play some mindless Jade Druid while binge watching Netflix and eating BBQ Lay's chips and I'm sure you will get there eventually.

The deck:

For starters, most of you notice this is a fusion hybrid of several mage deck types. Let me narrow down the uniqueness and why I chose these cards instead of taking away your time with useless information.

1. Why are their no Babbling Book and why only one Sorcerer's Apprentice in replacement of it. Well the answer is that it can allow you the ability to load more spells for clearing value. This allows you to manage aggro decks more efficiently, as well as having an actual mage minion that does REAL damage early with 3-dmg (or 4-dmg with hero power) not to mention allowing us the opportunity for a cheap spell or a cheap Firelands Portal

2. Why Gluttonous Ooze ? Well, this is simple. This single addition to my deck has allowed me so many wins it's not even arguable. With Medivh, the Guardian involved in multiple decks and the obvious Warrior and Shaman aggro value, this card is just insane. Let's face it, it has the potential to change the value of early-mid-late games in ~70% of circumstances for THREE (3) mana, enough said.

 3. "WTF!!! 2 Kabal Crystal Runners and only 3 secrets are you on large dosages of bath salts right now or just insane!?" No, sorry to disappoint you guys, but neither. These are so viable in every situation that even forfeiting 1 or 2 secrets they still sustain their value for a 4 or 2 mana 5/5 that it is just disgusting. I can actually appreciate some arguments to certain mage deck models replacing these cards, but it's so situational that it doesn't make sense unless you are truly building a deck around not using these. @Surrender I am not hating on you bro, I just don't agree with the math ;)

4. Eater of Secrets well if you don't understand this then you should take a look at another deck that is better for novices or people that are newer to the game. The mage match up is one of the most common in the game right now and they all play secrets. Pally secrets are nearly 100% in every deck, so having one Eater in any deck is ALMOST justifiable.

5. Flamestrike well this is debatable, but through all of my aggro match-up sample sizes replacing this with Volcanic Potion was proving to be a success for me. With the early clearing of Sorcerer's Apprentice allowing early clear spells along with the minion damage and focus, it proved that by the time it got to late game I was either praying for a Primordial Glyph to get me Flamestrike or Blizzard. If you choose to replace it with Blizzard it can be justified with the freeze and hero power. But this is a tender subject in general with mages and is an interesting topic in itself.

6. Ethereal Arcanist this card has won me so many games I can't even begin to describe to you. Play it wise, play it smart and it will change the game. It also had the odd usefulness to absorb the other players turn completely as they are terrified of the +2/+2 ramping that they borderline OCD obsessively clear this minion. It is a deterrent even with no secret (although I am NOT recommend it to be played that way).

7. Medivh, the Gaurdian if you don't have a strategy for this card or understand the mechanics i.e. if you are coining out Medivh, the Gaurdian with zero spells while having 3 minions in your hand, well then you should try a different deck because you aren't ready for this type of game play yet.

8. Yogg-Saron. Hope's End I should copy paste what I said for Medivh, again if you don't understand when to use this card, or you blame this card for your losses then you don't have the strategy yet to begin discussing or even playing this deck.


Final Notes:

I would love to hear feedback for this. I imagine this is going to take a lot of heat and flack from non-legend players or even Rank 5-1 players expecting an easy flawless run that other post's promise. I was upfront in this deck and it's potential as long as you forecast and plan EVERY mulligan, EVERY turn, EVERY counter and focus multiple turns ahead then you will see quick results. It's not the easiest deck, it's not meant for mindless players/grinders, but it got me to sub-500 (late season) quickly with very few class substitutions.

Leave some feedback I am eager to hear it, if there is enough talk or if you have some sample sizing showing some good changes let me know and I will definitely check it out for the interest of us all!

Thanks for reading and goodluck in the felt.

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