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Feelzbatman' Legend Jade Druid

  • Last updated Jul 19, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 5520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/11/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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I want to say thanks to kiwiinbacon for taking his time in making the video.




Hi everyone! I have decided to make a different deck guide as I came up with an idea which is adding Barnes to Jade Druid. Allow me to present your new best deck for laddering.


  • Barnes's BEST HITS  (1 to 5 stars) :

1/1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer : 5 stars

1/1 Aya Blackpaw : 4 stars

1/1 Wild Pyromancer : 3 stars

1/1 Taunt (worst one but it can be useful for aggro) : 2 stars


Jade Behemoth and Primordial Drake : 5 stars

The Curator and Soggoth the Slitherer : 4 stars

Wrathion and Ironbark Protector : 3 stars


Tech choice taunt cards: Dirty Rat  and Abomination





If it gives you extra mana: Innervate, Wild Growth, Jade Blossom are cards that you actively want in basically every matchup.

Against aggro you really want to see Wild Pyromancer in your hand, especially if you got a coin.

In control matchups you have a bit more freedom to keep some expensive heavy hitters, so feel free to keep cards like Aya Blackpaw in your hand if you are sure your opponent won't try to kill you on turn 5.


Mid and Late Game


You just need to tempo the game until your Jade Golems are stong enough while maintaining control of the board. 

You also need lots of draw (Gadgetzan Auctioneer with little spells, Nourish..).

Jade Idol is the key! As the part advances, your Jade Golems will be bigger and bigger and give you the best late game. 


Possible Replacement for Fandral StaghelmStonehill Defender




Overall the deck is extremely solid, and I fully recommend it. In case you liked this deck guide just let me know in any way, if I see that you guys enjoy these then I will do some more in the future. Also don't forget to follow me on social media to stay updated. GLHF !

MY TWITCH CHANNEL ->>> https://www.twitch.tv/feelzbatmanhs



Khristophesaurus Showcase:


Thanks Khristophesaurus for spending his time for my deck.


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Thanks TheSynch for spending his time for my deck.