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TOP 300 Legend Aggro Druid [S39]

  • Last updated Aug 8, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggro Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 4420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/9/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hello there,

In this season I reached legend with a combination of 2 decks.This one and my tempo warrior deck which i've already posted on the warrior column.I wanted to share this aggro druid with you guys, since it seemed to work pretty fine on the current meta ladder.I finished legend with 62% win rate on this deck! The structure is similar, of course, to most of the other aggro druid decks, with the addition of 2-3 tech cards which helped me win more games.

I hope you enjoy playing this deck and should you have any questions feel free to ask. Remember, there is no silly question !

Legend Proof: http://imgur.com/a/43PbH

Win % Proof: http://imgur.com/a/A29D1


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