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Elemental Priest W/ Video

  • Last updated Jun 17, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Lyra Combo Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 3940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/1/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Deck Tier: 2

vs Kazakus? Priest and vs Quest Rogue

As usual more up votes, more detail AND VIDS!

Up votes:
  10: Full mulligan guide and my pilot video
  25: Tech choices/substitutions vs. current meta
  50: 'Most' meta match up videos w/ detailed play style explanations

I haven't played this deck too much but it's been a lot of fun.  I don't want to post my win rate as it's a small sample size but I will be back with an update especially if you guys want it.  Currently 8 - 4 at low rank but only played at the beginning of the season so far.

  • General Mulligan: Keep 1 and 2 drop minions.  Don't keep Volatile Elemental against ping classes.  I only keep Power Word: Shield if I have the 1 drop minion already or I have a Radiant Elemental.  Normally you will only keep your 3 drop if you have the 1 and 2.

       Warrior/Rogue/Hunter/Warlock: Feel free to keep a Tar Creeper but mulligan your 2 drop if you don't have the 1 drop going first.  Most of these will have an aggro opener and this guy is too good.  Potion of Madness is your other saviour.

       Druid/Shaman: You won't see too many of these but this is where you could start keeping some combos like Radiant Elemental plus Power Word: Shield.  Consider keeping an Acolyte of Pain.

       For Priest and Paladin stick to the general mulligan.

       General Subs:

                           Lyra the Sunshard: Not a super vital card surprisingly enough.  Being generally used as hand refill, help with a finisher or lucky removal, you'd think you couldn't replace her.  However, just sub in a Shadow Word: Death or Shadow Word: Pain.

                           Blazecaller:  Again not a critical addition to the deck.  Don't get me wrong this card is more important than Lyra in terms of crafting priority and effectiveness (on average, sure Lyra will be amaze balls sometimes.)  Again just sub in a Shadow Word: Death or Shadow Word: Pain since he really is just a good Firelands Portal.

                           Shadow Visions:  Essentially this is another Divine Spirit or Inner Fire when you need one.  Probably the one high cost card in this deck that can't be replaced.

                          Dragonfire Potion:  Replace with a Holy Nova.  Sometimes the nova is better.. but not most of the time.

  • Tech Choices/Subs:

                          Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death:  We're gunna start with the obvious two.  The reason I'm not running them currently is I believe the other removal to be superior and playing minions in this deck is key, especially turns 2 - 4.  With Potion of MadnessDragonfire Potion and Blazecaller- not to mention all the over-stated taunts.. you'll be fine.  However these are probably the two most likely to sub in, especially with Lyra the Sunshard in the deck.

                          Loot Hoarder: Better than Bloodmage Thalnos in this deck since he only synergizes with a high mana, high dmg spell that we're only running one of.  Yes I realize Lyra can pull some miracles but most priest spells don't do damage guys.. come on now.  Essentially the 2 attack is better and we need the draw instead of the SW: Pain.

                          Shadow Visions: I know most of you are like.. "Why one run? Wtf?"  Yes, it is an excellent card.  Yes, it's overpowered as hell in this deck.  But when you have two it can discover itself and most of the time you need the better probability.

                          Coldlight Oracle:  This was the miracle play, however in the current meta you just can't use him.

                          Igneous Elemental:  The card is meh and we have Kabal Talonpriest for the 3 slots.

                          Lightspawn:  Elemental synergy and will OTK for you when not removed.  Need I say more?


Comments and suggestions welcome, questions answered below

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