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Wild Divine Shield Aggrodin

  • Last updated Apr 23, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggroadin
  • Crafting Cost: 2780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/22/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Original post from Reddit

I am quite a casual player who usually only gets to rank 15. Last season I realised ungoro brought quite a lot of good cards to my existing wild paladin deck, which brought me to rank 6 surprisingly fast. This season I decided to tryhard and get as far as possible with this homemade deck. I hit legend yesterday with approximately 62% winrate (started counting from rank 5 onwards).

I know most people don't play wild on the sub, but I'm just happy that I reached legend, especially when you achieve it piloting your own deck. :D (2880 dust budget deck muahahaha)

Will share more about the deck if this gets upvote, not sure how many wild players are there in this sub.

Decklist here

Proof here

Core cards

Divine Shield Synergies

  • Argent Squire * 2 and Shielded Minibot * 2

Well stated minions with divine shield. Hard to remove and trades well with board

  • Rallying Blade * 2

Fiery war axe with +1/+1 to all your divine shield guys. With the amount of divine shield in the deck, you will often gain value with this card. Extremely versatile, can be used for both board control or face damage depending on matchup.

  • Steward of Darkshire * 2

Grants divine shield to all minions with one health. This allows you to summon infinite argent squires from your hero power. This is insane when comboed with Muster For Battle and Lost In The Jungle, creating a board that is board that is almost impossible to clear fully. They need either two aoe cards or 2 * X attacks to fully clear your board. I usually never play this card at 3 mana as it is just way more effective late game when comboed with other cards. This deck have lots of 1 drops and 3 drops, so you often have alternative plays on turn 3 instead.

  • Selfless Hero * 2

1-drop that gives divine shield to your other minions. Triggers divine shield from Steward of Darkshire as well. As your board state usually consists of a flood of minions with some of them having divine shield, dropping this card will cause any AOE clears to reapply the divine shield on any surviving minion. This allows you to reestablish your dominant board state by flooding the board with more minions.

  • Argent Protector * 1

This card applies divine shield to a minion and should ideally be used on cards such as Dire Wolf Alpha, Knife Juggler and Steward of Darkshire. However, there is nothing wrong with applying it to a Silverhand Recruit, your dudes synergies will make your Silverhand Squire quite scary late game.

  • Coghammer * 1

This card provides divine shield and taunt to a minion and gives you 6 damage distributed over 3 turns. An incredible card that is extremely useful for establishing board control. This card is a one-off as this deck has a lot of weapon charges, with 2 * Rallying Blade and 2 * Muster For Battle (12 weapon charges, 15 with coghammer). It just feels too clunky to run another Coghammer as drawing back to back weapons can really lose you the game, and it also not worth is to spend 3 mana just to apply the divine shield and taunt if the weapon charges are not used properly.

  • Keeper of Uldaman * 2

This card is extremely flexible in the deck. It can convert your Argent Squires into Silvermoon Guardian with charge. and is almost guaranteed to gain value with the amount of dudes you summon, giving you a total stat distribution of 5/6 into two seperate bodies. This card also acts as hard removal allowing you to any big drops summoned by your opponent.

Silverhand Recruits Synergies

  • Lost In The Jungle AKA Living Dudes * 2

Summons two dudes for one mana. This card represents a lot of face damage if your opponent plays a control deck, having this card in your starting hand will determines if you can win pirate warriors against their 1 mana Muster For Pirates.

  • Muster For Battle * 2

This card instantly wins you board control by giving you 4 damage spread over 4 turns with three dudes that can potential cause a lot of havoc with synergy cards such as Lightfused Stegodon, Steward of Darkshire, Knife Juggler and Dire Wolf Alpha

  • Dire Wolf Alpha * 1

Provides lots of additional damage when played on the right time. However it is somewhat situational as it has anti-synergy with divine shield, therefore I only included one in my deck. Horrible when played on the board alone.

  • Knife Juggler * 2

Decent two drops that acts as a mini Flamewaker when you flood the board. Combos extremely well with Muster For Battle and Living Dudes.

  • Quartermaster * 1

Your most consistent finisher card, acting as a Savage Roar when you need to finish the game, and giving you tonnes of stats if you need board control. This gives you 4/7 stats with a single dude on the board. As this card is your only drop that costs more than. You should never play this without any dudes around.

  • Lightfused Stegodon * 2

Adapts all your dudes. Even though this card's outcome might range from insane to okay, it still represents decent value.

Adapt Tier List

  • Insane
    • +3 attack is a Bloodlust for all your dudes which makes your 1/1 argent recruits pretty scary.
  • Decent
    • Poisonous gives your deck hard removal when you need one.
    • Windfury gives you an extra damage for every dude and potentially more damage with cards like Rallying Blade, Keeper of Uldaman, Quartermaster and Dire Wolf Alpha.
    • +1/+1 is generally similar to Windfury but with less burst but it is slightly better for board control
  • Somewhat useful
    • Another source of Divine Shield, this is usually not desired as it doesn't give you any immediate extra damage. Can be useful if you have Rallying Blade
    • Deathrattle makes your irritating board even more irritating, as they now need 3 board clears to fully clear your board. However, plants are generally less useful than dudes due to having less synergy cards and not much potential for any damage increase.
    • +3 Health. Doesn't represent any damage increase but protects your board from cheap AOEs, which makes your board hard to clear since expensive AOEs often can't be played twice in a turn. Can be insane if your have any other buffs (Rallying Blade, Quartermaster) to follow up with.
    • Taunt. The most useless one in this tier. Wins games against taunt warriors though since they often ignore your dudes while going for your face.
  • Useless
    • Stealth. It is more useful to play adapts before attacking.
    • Minions cannot be targeted. Dudes are rarely targetted by single targeted spells.

Card Draws

  • Divine Favour

This card win games against control decks as there are simply unable to deal with your torrent of cards. A staple of many other variations of aggro paladins. Dead card against fast decks though.

  • Cult Master

It was too frustrating drawing double divine favours and I needed card draws that can be used against other fast decks. Cultmaster was the perfect fit for the deck as your often have multiple tokens on the board and it also has an aggressive statline.

Tech Cards

  • Hydrologist

I needed a two drop as I found Dire Wolf Alpha and Argent Protector were too clunky for me to run two of them. This card serves as an extremely useful and flexible card based on your current board state. Avenge gives extremely mana efficient stats. Redemption is useful when you have naked Argent Squires or Minibots on the board. Noble Sacrifice synergizes with Steward of Darkshire. Gateaway Kodo can return must-remove cards back into your hand such as Cult Master, Knife Juggler, Steward of Darkshire. Repentance is useful against control classes and even An Eye For An Eye helps you defeat freeze mages.

  • Consecration

Paladin's only board clear. It is extremely effective when your opponent has given up on clearing your hard to remove board. Also acts as extra reach and protects your dude from Taunt cards. This card wins games against Aggro Druids

  • Defender of Argus

A useful card in a deck full of tokens. This card is also too clunky for you to run two of them. However, I will run two of them if the meta is full of pirate warriors.

  • Golakka Crawler

Instantly win games against pirate warriors when you draw this card. Can be subbed out if you don't face them anymore.

Cards that missed the cut but were included as some point

  • Blessing of Kings and Seal of Champions

Win more cards. Extremely useful in a slower meta where you will be winning at the start.

  • Truesilver Champion

Extra one damage was not useful for one extra mana

  • Equality

Useless in all match-ups except heavy taunt match-ups such as Dragon Priest or Taunt Warrior. However, you will lose those match-ups anyway even if you include equality in your deck.

  • Tarim Sunkeeper

Could be potentially useful for a lategame push but I wanted to keep my deck a budget deck. Someone try it and let me know.

More to be added...

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