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  • Last updated May 1, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 12480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/22/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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I decided to try and make Lakkari Sacrifice work in the current Meta and like everybody else, I have had little to no succes doing so. However in my quest (pun intended) to make Lakkari Sacrifice work, I did stumble across some Warlock interactions I decided to dabble with some more, and thus came to be the 'BloodLock' build.

The basic idea behind this deck is to create huge tempo swings out of nowhere using cards like Bloodbloom, Violet Illusionist, Chittering Tunneler and board control cards. Noone expects a DOOM! and even less so on turn 5 or even 2, and it can make for some game winning tempo swings where your opponent simply can't regain his/her footings. In case of DOOM!, even with no Violet Illusionist all it takes is 5+ minions on board before in reality you 'gain' on the loss of life. I now see Bloodbloom + DOOM! as a single turn 5+ hero power turns. It adds insane value and tempo swings.

I have now used more than a week to refine the basic idea behind the BloodLock package, and in the end I decided to add Lakkari Sacrifice as I already had Deathwing in the deck. It's 1 card, and you can mulligan it away, but I found that in almost every single Deathwing play I made, I discarded 6+ cards from hand, so now Lakkari Sacrifice is an added temposwing play option when I use a Deathwing play.

About the choice of cards

The Blood:

Bloodbloom is an amazing card! It creates huge tempo swings and allows you to make plays you otherwise couldn't do, and it will supprise your opponent every single time. You simply deny the ability to play around anything.

Chittering Tunneler the amount of times this card has pulled something useful... I would add a second if I had it in my collection (or the dust to craft it). This card is amazing and its value is through the roof with Violet Illusionist as it's best buddy.

Violet Illusionist works well with both hero power as well as Bloodbloom and Chittering Tunneler. Beware, she will die fast, and it's rare she will stay on board for more than 1 round. See her as a turn 5+ play.

Mistress of MixturesGreat healing. Also heals your opponent, but you need the health more, so it is no biggie.

Earthen Ring Farseer Also a good healing card.

Cult Apothecary Without this card, this build would not work. There would not be enough healing for it to do so.

The Quest:

Lakkari Sacrifice Perhaps the worst Quest Un'Goro has to offer, but in this deck it works most of the time as a second tempo gain, adding board pressure your opponent has to deal with. Please note, this card is not essential to the build, and you can easy swap this card with another Chittering Tunneler,

Deathwing This decks only source of discard. Makes the entire deck more reliable, while enabling the quest to be completed, topped with the games best board clear.

The rest:

Dirty Rat and Giant Wasp has proved to give insane board control. Wasp on turn 3, Rat and hero power on turn 4 is a very common play with this deck, and you can make your opponent instant concede with this play.

Twisting Nether is another great board clear, that works very well on turn 10 with Dirty Rat

DOOM!I find myself liking this card more and more. Playing this on turn 5+ with Bloodbloom and Violet Illusionist just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. And noone ever see this comming!

Kabal Courier Discover what you need when you need. At least in theory ;) She almost never let me down tho.

Bane of Doom Is a tempo swing card. Never really used it much before, but with Bloodbloom you can activate it early game and gain alot of tempo. There is alot of RNG in it, but with 11 out of 17 demons adding value to the card, the chances are good, and it is not rare for me to pull Illidan Stormrage from this play.

Elise the Trailblazer adds great value and with this deck you draw alot. This allows to postpone fatigue for one more turn, and its a value card in itself.

Kabal Chemist Most of the potions are good for this deck, and some are extremely good.

Prince Malchezaar Funny enough the decks winrate improved with this card. More often than not I find myself with good legendaries added to the deck, and when I from time to time get bad legendaries I mostly see them as target dummies for my opponents Dirty Rat play, or as fooder for my own Deathwing play.

The Curator Added for consistency.

Siphon Soul is just a great card, and acts as a health restore topped with hard removal. Also works great with Bloodbloom.

Lord Jaraxxus because the value train is real in this one.

So there you have it. A fully functionel BloodLock build, that I have refined for more than a week now, and finally I am laddering again using this build.

Give it a spin, and if you like it, please do upvote :)


First game, fresh season: https://hsreplay.net/replay/kunhRmLw86PffPpxwsE8gX

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