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Un'Goro Mill Rogue

  • Last updated Aug 15, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 6940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/21/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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N'Zoth mill rogue

Unfortunately for all the mill rogue players,Gang Up and Brann Bronzebeard has rotated out of standard so we have to have our fun in the wild format.

But man, there is a lots of fun....

Mill rogue is a strong deck at he moment in the right hands,as it has a lots of good matchups, while not suffering much from aggro.There are a lots of good defensive cards in wild that can make our life easier,namely Deathlord,Sludge Belcher and Antique Healbot.

Win conditions: 

  1. Coldlight Oracle:-In the first few turns you remove your opponent's minions, then use Coldlight OracleGang Up to draw your(and your opponent's) whole deck while controlling the board, then kill him/her with fatigue damage.
  2. N'Zoth, the Corruptor:-As most fatigue decks in wild(grinder mage for example) we also play double Deathlord and Sludge Belcher to stay alive and rip out minions off the enemy's deck.You can win with N'Zoth without even drawing a single Coldlight Oracle.You play your taunts in the early-mid game, then drop N'Zoth, the Corruptor either with Shadowstep him and use Gang Up on him after you drop him next time or just Preparation+Gang Up right away after you used him the first time.There is no deck that can out-value 4+ N'Zoths, nor deck that can kill you trough a wall of Deathlord and Sludge Belcher(except freeze mage or similar spell-oriented combo/burn decks, but there are Antique Healbot and Coldlight Oracle for them).
  3. Playing as Valeera Sanguinar  increases your winrate!

Why play as Valeera Sanguinar


  1. Just look above  at how good she looks(b00bs)
  2. You play Coldlight Oracle-------> Your opponent: "Thanks" emote------> You:"The pleasure is mine  ",because the pleasure is literally yours.
  3. The occasional mirror emote. "I always do,huhmp  ;)"
  4. Maiev is so badly made that many people that doesn't know the lore tought she was a guy.No interaction with Illidan, also why does she have to yell so much?
  5. You don't say "Smart moves" to an opponent you wouldn't like to when conceding.Just "I give up", like "I give up, I am tired of your shit"
  6. After you get golden Valeera Sanguinar Maiev is just not an option.
  7. Checkmate Maievists.

 Full matchup and mulligan guide:

-Mulligans:-DL:Deathlord ,DS:Doomsayer,BS:Backstab,FOK:Fan of Knives,DIS:Dark Iron Skulker,CO:Coldlight Oracle, I'll write down every other card.


  • Jade(CO,DS,DL,BS): -Favored(60-40).Jade druid is actually not a hard matchup with N'Zoth, the Corruptor(see win conditions),if you survive until that point(what is not a terribly hard thing to do, jade druid doesn't often rush you).
  • Astral/ramp druid(CO,DS,DL,BS,Sap):-I did met some of theese , this matchup is quite easy.  Sap and Vanish is just too strong against their big-ass stuff .The only way to loose this matchup is not drawing Coldlight Oracle on time when they draw all their ramp/Astral Communion and steamroll you.
  • Egg(DS,DL,FOK,DIS,BS):Bad matchup(40-60)Recently I played this matchup quite a bit, and found not as bad as it seemset first.You can win 2 ways:first is having early removal(Backstab/Doomsayer then taunt and stall until a few N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Second is control the early game, so they drop Living Mana that you [card=gold]Vanish/card] and win the game.


  • Reno mage(CO,DL):-Very favored matchup(70-30), be careful for their burn(12-15 max. depending on what they have already used).They can add 2-3 extra cards to their decks with Manic Soulcaster and Forgotten Torch, that could mess with your gameplan.Otherwise it should be a piece of cake.
  • Tempo/secret mage(BS,DS,CO,DL):-Bad matchup(40-60), remove all of their minions on sight(especially Flamewaker!!).Try to be above 15 hp(10 if they have already used a Fireball) constantly and put pressure on the board(All taunt minions), so they have to use burn on your minions. They usally play secrets,play around them carefully(this comes with experience).
  • Freeze mage(CO,DL):-Favored(60-40), but also very skill-intensive matchup from both players side.You should try to burn as many cards as possible,and keep track on what you have burned(like if you burn both frostbolts, his icelances can only be comboed with each other or if you burn Emperror).Try to be above 20 hp at all times, but save heal after Alexstrasza.Sap Doomsayer before drawing,so you might mill more important cards.


  • Dragon/N'zoth priest(CO,Eviscerate,DS,DL):-Very favored matchup(70-30).They just play slow stuff, also they don't have any burn from hand, they can't even steal from you(besidesEviscerate which is not a terrible amount of damage).Don't panic if they steal a Gang Up from you.3 cards advantage in fatigue is still more than enough to win.If they steal 2+ stick to the N'zoth plan(if they didn't draw a bunch of cards trough the game).
  • Reno priest(CO,DL,Eviscerate):-Dominating(80-20).They are just too slow and usally play very slow but impactful minions(Ysera/Confessor Paletress) or quest with N'Zoth.Play as they have stolen 1 Gang Up, because of the possibility of getting one from one of the priest's steal effect, but very easy matchup regardless.


  • Anyfin Paladin(CO,DL,BS):-Favored matchup(65-35).Your muclocs can mess up his Anyfin Can Happen, you also have a decent chance to burn 1-2.But be careful with Finja, the Flying Star, he can make a short work on you if he pulls murlocs and you can't answer them.You should kill  Finja, the Flying Star and Bluegill Warrior, but try to Sap the Murloc Warleader, because even if he has Anyfin Can Happen he can't effectively play it without the Murloc Warleader dead.
  • Secret Paladin(DS,BS,CO,DL,FOK):-Slightly favored matchup(55-45).Rogue has some of the best answers for paladins such as Fan of Knives against Muster for Battle or Sap against his buffed Challenger etc.It's easy to fatigue them, Mysterious Challenger "draws" them a bunch of secrets that brings them much closer to fatigue.But regardless, secret pallys can give you a lots of pressure that can overcome you easily if you don't have the answer.


  • Renolock(CO,Sap,DL):-Dominating(80-20).You can loose basically 2 ways:the first is not having an answer to Mountain Giant and it just murders you.The second is the Leeroy Jenkins combo.I have to say the first is more likely, you have a very high chance to burn a combo piece, and most renolocks in wild don't even run the combo.
  • Zoo(BS,DS,DL,FOK,DIS):-Very bad matchup(30-70). A lots of small minions that they can play constantly, Vanish just delays them.They tap a lot, so the fatigue part is not that hard, but the survival until that pont is.Try to make a taunt wall up until you can kill them with fatigue damage or drop 1-2 N'Zoth, the Corruptor.


  • Pirate warrior(BS,DS,Gluttonous Ooze,DL,FOK):-Pirate warrior is maybe the best aggro matchup besides face hunter.Still bad(35-65), but you can win.Remove their stuff, play as many taunts and heals as you can.If you survive until N'Zoth, the Corruptor you will win.Shadowstep can be really good with Antique Healbot/Gluttonous Ooze/Deathlord(you can replay him with full health if he is damaged).Pro tip:You can Gang Up his patches and use him for board control later on.
  • Classic control warrior(CO,DL):-Dominating(80-20).You can hit face every turn with your dagger to shred down some armor, hit Acolyte of Pain 3 times with dagger if they play it.Stay above Grommash Hellscream range and you should win easily.
  • Taunt warrior(DS,CO,DL):-Favored(65-35).They just drop taunts until turn 8-10 then press the button.Fatigue and N'Zoth, the Corruptor gang works too.Just be careful with the Rag hero power and should be pretty easy.


  • Miracle(DS,CO,DL,BS,Sap): -Slightly favored(55-45).They like to draw a lot, let them do it in the early game while controlling the board.Sap and Vanish are the MVP here, they can shut down the biggest Edwin VanCleef and/or Questing Adventurer(Vanish even when concealed).Stay above 15 hp and keep track on what you have burned to calculate their lethal potential.
  • Quest rogue(prayers to Yogg-Saron):-Shit(10-90).Hope they draw shit and you draw amazing then taunt up until a few N'Zoth, the Corruptor.


  • Mid-Jade Shaman(CO,BS,DL,DS,Eviscerate):-Favorable(60-40).If they don't get an insane start you should win,but always calculate for Bloodlust since it can cause a loss that you could have avoided.Mana Tide Totem is your best friend, but don't let them draw too much if you don't have a Coldlight Oracle.
  • Control Shaman(CO,DL):-Control shaman with N'Zoth, the Corruptor became pretty popular, this deck just eats it up alive(85-15).You have everything to make them cry.Mr.Sap MVP.I have beaten a shaman who shuffled 4 The Storm Guardian into his deck, and it wasn't even close.


  • Midrange hunter(FOK,DS,DL,CO,BS):-Unfavorable matchup(40-60).Their minions hold a lots of pressure, hunters hero power puts you on a clock, also a decent amount of burn(Eaglehorn Bow,Kill Command,Quick Shot), so taunt and heal is your best friend.


You can check out my older Mean Streets of Gadgeztan mill deck for more tips & tricks!

MSG Mill Rogue
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Minion (13) Ability (17)
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 Tech cards: 

-If you want to tech against a certain deck, or a type of deck you can always change some cards. I'll give you some tips.

Bonus: -Any card + Yogg-Saron, Hope's End to tech against everything.


-I cut one fan, because as i have found out it didn't really perform without thalnos,Dark Iron Skulker offers you AOE and a body as well, and vilespine for an anti-pirate tech(considering ooze tho).

-I found the crab underwhelming, being crap in any non-pirate warrior matchup, also doesn't stop a 7/4 Arcanite Reaper and heals you for 7.The ooze is also a 3/3 which is way better than a 2/3 in non-pirate matchup.


-While the ooze can be really helpful in the pirate warrior matchup, I still ended up loosing a lots of games regardless of it(a lot of the times not even drawing it), so I changed it for some more cycle and spell damage provided by Azure Drake, what I lacked sometimes mostly against midrange/control decks(finding coldlight/N'Zoth).

  • 2017.May rank 4 with  mill!
  • I definietly think the deck is legend viable, I just didn't have the time to climb it trough. due to studies, maybe in the summer.

Very hard deck to play, but very rewarding, both in the feeling and in the winrates.

Check out my Knight of the frozen throne mill rogue too!


May Yogg-Saron be with all of you!

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