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(Wild) D.E. Reno Warrior

  • Last updated Sep 22, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 22160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/21/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Greetings travellers,

I've been playing control warrior for 3 years now and i'm still loving it, except for the fact that I don't really like it in Standard because of the loss of Ragnaros the FirelordJusticar Trueheart,Sylvanas Windrunner and Elise Starseeker. Those cards were key cards for a fun and strong Warrior deck. So I decided to craft some key wild cards and try this deck out with Reno Jackson. It worked really well with a win percentage of 78%. Double elises make this deck as it is, because of the power that you can generate from them. I just added some of the un'goro cards like the quest and the Primordial Drake to make this deck more powerfull than it already was. If you think there should be another card in this deck that i haven't included, put it in the comments. 

THE counter for this deck at the moment is the cheap midrange hunter, which has exact the same cards as the standard midrange hunter.



I switched out Slam for Dr. Boom (Dr. Balanced), because I just love this card and it's still a really strong card after you've managed to control the board ofcourse.

-shieldblock +Dead Man's Hand     try to put another reno or another late game card into your deck when your in midgame

-Gorehowl +The Lich King this was a tough choice but The Lich King must be in this deck. I think gorehowl isn't that strong in this deck because you mainly play against midrange in wild or aggro. Lich king does kill big minions so it basically does the same thing as gorehowl but gorehowl kills more minions.

-Shield Slam +Gorehowl  I feel like i was missing something, turned out i did. I missed my two turn kill Alexstrasza+Gorehowl. Shield slam basically does 2 dmg in this deck, so that's why i switched them.


Latest changes:

Ragnaros the Firelord, Whirlwind and Fiery War Axe for Sleep with the Fishes,Blood Razor and Armorsmith. I switched rag out because he felt like a dead card to me. He is definitely strong, but the cost and the RNG that is involved make the card a bit dead. Whirlwind has been replaced by Blood Razor for obvious reasons. last but not least, Fiery War Axe. What a legend of a card it was, but now it's dead. :(  Replaced the card with Armorsmith, because Armorsmith gives you early control as well and Blood Razor will replace the fact that we lost a weapon

-Emperor Thaurissan + rotface. Thaurissan is great in some cases, but because the draw of this deck is kinda weak i felt like thaurissan didn't do that much. Rotface is very fun to play, you don't need a whirlwind effect to make rotface trigger, just try to play it when your opponent has some low attack minions on the field or if you have some taunts. Rotface works just like Brann Bronzebeard and Fandral Staghelm, a spell and normal taunt :P 


That's all I can say, I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I am and maybe I'll upload another deck for people who play hearthstone for the fun aspect of it like these ones: 

D.E. Priest: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/821395-wild-double-reno-elise-nzoth-priest

D.E. Shaman (very fun to play):http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/828220-wild-d-e-reno-nzoth-shaman

I gotta thank you guys for whopping 5000 views!!! That really means a lot to me. I would love to play against my own deck on ladder. Thanks guys and I hope you are still having fun playing this deck! :D

Important announcement: Because many people seem to like my deck, send me your best moments via private messages or in the comments. Maybe i'll put you in the description or if you want, play a game against you :)


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