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[Legend#2] Miracle Rogue [WILD]

  • Last updated Sep 1, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 6800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/18/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • Kohai_
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Vs Aggro: -1xLoatheb, +1xAntique Healbot

Vs Control: -1xCounterfeit Coin, +1Sherazin, Corpse Flower

Hey guys, I know this list isn't special or anything, but I just wanted to share you how to build Miracle Rogue in Wild Un'Goro. This list is an aggressive version of Miracle Rogue including Counterfeit Coin and Questing Adventurer to have a chance against Aggro while still being favoured against Control. Attention: This is not the best deck to ladder with! It's not a Tier 1 deck and generally known for beeing bad vs Face decks. (Pirate Warrior, Aggro Shaman, Freeze Mage) Minion based Aggro decks like Egg Druid are not a problem at all. If you want to reach Legend with Miracle Rogue in Wild Un'goro you need to know every single matchup perfectly. 

My Legend Stats:


Loatheb - Tech Choice - Vilespine Slayer

Bloodmage Thalnos - He makes the deck a lot more consistend - Shiv or Hallucination

Edwin VanCleef - Key Card - No Replacement, maybe Earthen Ring Farseer

Patches the Pirate - He's really important in Aggro Matchups - Shiv or Hallucination

Playstyle Change:

Theres also the possibility to change the playstyle of this deck a little bit to a more combo based/burst build rather than a minion based one.


The version with Questings is faster and provides aggressive playstyles. Dropping Loatheb makes your Questings safer, your win conditions are Edwin VanCleef and Questing Adventurer. Good Against Freeze Mage and Dragon Priest. Overall this Miracle Rogue version is in the best spot right now. (in my opinion)

The version with Leeroy is slower and more combo based and includes removal such as SI:7 Agent to help against Aggro, your win conditions are Edwin VanCleef and Leeroy Jenkins. Good Against Renolock (The hardest version of Miracle Rogue)

Mulligan Guide:









Miracle Rogue (50/50) Even: Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Sap, Fan of Knives, Tomb Pillager

With Coin: Preparation, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Fan of Knives, Edwin VanCleef/Questing Adventurer, Tomb Pillager (The Reason why you don't keep Sap with Coin in hand is because your opponent goes first and will most likely not play an early Edwin VanCleef)

Mill Rogue (55/45) Slightly Favoured: Counterfeit Coin, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Conceal, Questing Adventurer, Tomb Pillager

With Coin: Counterfeit Coin, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Conceal, Edwin VanCleef/Questing Adventurer, Tomb Pillager, Loatheb (Loatheb is the reason why this Matchup is favoured, push early Questings for preassure, drop Loatheb which buys you a turn, 90% of the time game winning!)




Pirate Warrior (35/65) Very Unfavoured: Counterfeit Coin, Backstab, Preparation, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Bloodmage Thalnos, Eviscerate, Edwin VanCleef/Questing Adventurer, Fan of Knives (Literally your only Win Condition is an early Edwin or Questing or him drawing bad, so mulligan only for that and your winrate will increase alot (around ~45/55)

With Coin: Counterfeit Coin, Backstab, Preparation, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Bloodmage Thalnos, Eviscerate, Edwin VanCleef/Questing Adventurer, Fan of Knives

Taunt Warrior (60/40) Favoured: Swashburglar, Bloodmage Thalnos, Backstab, Tomb Pillager, Eviscerate, Southsea Deckhand

With Coin: Backstab, Swashburglar, Southsea Deckhand, Eviscerate, Tomb Pillager, Azure Drake/Gadgetzan Auctioneer

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