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Un'goro "D.R. Control" Hunter

  • Last updated May 15, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 8980
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/10/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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For those interested I will be doing a video showing off some gameplay of this deck.

-update May 15th- *MUST READ*

Hey guys, it's me again. after playing the control hunter deck for wellover a month right now ive decided to change a few things for the better. I've decided that the forlorn stalker and devilsaur eggs weren't strong to fit the deck. seeing as even though they can produce a sh*tload of value, they've proven to be too slow to maintain tempo on my board. so i've decided to replace them for a new and (in my opinion) more effective win condition, that fits the control archetype better! Introducing a cult favorite: Gurubashi Berserker. So the gurubashi has proven again and again just how scary it can be to leave a minion like this on the board. Since we still deal with hordes of low cost minions the gurubashi can easily deal with them. what also makes it so good is that along with Tentacle of N'Zoth, Abomination and Spiritsinger Umbra, you can proc the damage increase so much you can go for OTK's with this deck now! and by adding in the acolyte of pain you can easily cycle through your deck, getting the cards you need to deal with a tricky situation. Better, worse? let me know! :D


Before i begin showcasing this deck i would like to tell something about myself. I've been playing hearthstone for well-over 2 years now and so far i'm still enjoying it to the fullest.  As with every new expansion i love to invent new archetypes that haven't been seen before, seeing as how i never managed to climb the ladder much i devoted myself to discovering new and fun decks. And here we are!

-note- This will be my very first deck-post on Hearthpwn, so please feel free to leave some tips in the comment section! ^^

Control Hunter...?

So this deck pretty much follows in the footsteps of those brave enough trying to make control hunter a thing. If i can make an assumption i think the reason that control hunter never worked out was the blatant fact that there were just classes better at it. I'm pretty sure we all remembered how lovely control warrior was back then ;). But back to the point. Control hunter was always missing something in that aspect. And that was very clear to everyone: It lacks a win condition. With control warrior and freeze mage it was just a matter of outsustaining your opponent until they lose THEIR win condition. With spells and minions to back that idea all hunter really ever had was Kill Command - Explosive Shot - Quick Shot - Snipe, but in the late game hunter would prove to be incapable of dealing with big minions, only having Hunter's Mark - Freeze Trap - Deadly Shot to deal with them. Yet i still tried to find potential in this archetype and tried finding a hidden power so to speak. So i tried looking at this thing from a different perspective: Instead of having to clear the enemies' board why not create a threat on MY board that cant be ignored and dealt with easily? Well boys and gals, with this new expansion, i managed to create JUST THAT!!

So what exactly is this deck?

See this deck as a combination of a few hunter archetypes we've seen throughout the year. Cloaked Huntress It contains the cloaked huntress to supply your hero with dem free secrets that will definitely mess up your opponents board. (also its a neat 3-drop imo).

It has 2 Loot Hoarders, 1 Bloodmage Thalnos and Flare for card draw. Flare...? YES, not only is it good to have more card draw, can save your buttocks dealing with those pesky Timewarp mages who plays Ice Block to set up for the OTK. + their reaction is priceless *well played*. >:D

Finally we get to what i like to call "the bulk" of the deck. Deathrattle minions baby. to put it short, it has all the necessary minions to constantly put a threat on the board and give you a lovely N'zoth the Corrupter on turn 10. it also has the wonderful Devilsaur Egg which i will get back to later.


ladies and gents, i present you your B.C.S.! (Board Clear Squad)

Spiritsinger Umbra-Tentacle of N'Zoth-Abomination-Swamp King Dred I needn't tell you what is amazing about the Spiritsinger, its' value gains are surreal if you combine it with any deathrattle card. Thats why it works so well with cards like Tentacle of N'zoth. you see, the tentacle on its' own can deal with Murloc Shamans, Discolocks, any aggro deck really. but what is so amazing is the Spiritsinger + Tentacle combo. It can be seen as a 5 cost 3/2 deal 2 damage to all minions, which is great! But that means that it will also kill m-"YES, BUT THEY HAVE DEATHRATTLE EFFECTS THAT OFTEN COMPENSATES FOR THE MINIONS DEATH!" Just like Sylvanas, cards like abomination and etc. will make it hard for your opponent to make rational/good decisions. try it for yourself ;). Swamp King Dred is just straight up value, i dont think many will argue with me on that. drop this thing on turn 7 and your opponent will have to clear it or they won't be able to gain tempo. You might ask why i didn't put Giant Sand Worm in. That's because (even though it is a control deck) i think the card is a bit too slow, and with the new expansion having 1 big minion on the board is hardly anything, it'll be cleared too quickly.

So what is your experience with the deck?

It is definitely arguable wether this deck is actually perfect, i doubt it. however the level of fun and suprising amount of wins really makes this one of my go to decks for ranked, AND IN A WORLD OF AGGRO NETDECKERS...ONLY ONE WILL RISE TO BEAT THEM ALL. CONTROL HUNTER!!

My highest win-streak with this deck is 9. It got me to rank 11 sofar and we are still climbing. I personally haven't felt a difference in the viability of this deck in the somewhat higher ELO. But honestly you got to experience that yourself.

I hope you will find this deck interesting enough to try it out for yourself. I also would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Was it good, bad? should i replace some cards? What archetypes completely beat this deck, and vice versa! ENJOY BBY'S :DDD


For those who cant afford to spend dust on the Emerald Hive Queen I recommend either Jeweled Macaw or Raptor Hatchling seeing as how they are both good card generators.



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