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theoddone23's Legend (67% WR) In-Depth Wind & Fire

  • Last updated Jan 27, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 9500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/15/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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Hello! My name is Ivona; I go by theoddone23. I am a multiple Legend Hearthstone player. I started playing Hearthstone in September 2015, and I first hit Legend in September 2016. Since then I have been entering Legend rank consistently, finishing in the top 1000 and reaching top 100 or top 200 throughout the month. My highest reached rank so far is #97, and I did it with Mid-Range Shaman. I am also a Hearthstone streamer; I stream 4 times per week with my colleague Zeronnix. You can find our stream on this link: https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz if you want to learn more about us and see what decks we play. Also, I invite you to like our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HSwithTandZ where you can stay in touch with us and know all about when we will stream and what decks we will play.

Also, this is our YouTube channel, where you can see all our previous broadcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwKrNaz6ZP_ro-8d5JezbQ

Now, about the deck! This version is somewhat similar to other Mid-Range Shamans, but I prefer this one to the other ones because of a really strong game that allows your deck to last against control (Reno) matchups in current meta. Also, Bloodlust is key to winning against renolock, which is really strong in this meta and has a lot of ways to respond to board.

 This is the proof of the Legend rank where you can see the winrate and the whole list, and I am posting winrate proof.

Legend & Winrate proof

Also, if you like the deck, please upvote so more people can see it!

You can also check out my other decks:


UPDATE:Check out our last broadcast, where I played this version of Shaman starting from 4 hour & 20 min (4:20:40): https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz/v/116653906


General Mulligan and playstyle

I am writing mulligans for popular classes at the moment - I will add the others if they start being played a lot, but I haven't met any of them mostly.

Warlock: (Reno)

    • Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Totem GolemHex (for Molten Giant, Twilight Drake)
    • General strategy is to pressure early, not bait him too much into Hellfire, Shadowflame, Demonwrath etc. The key to winning against renolock is Bloodlust - the best way is to chip away his life total bit by bit, have a decent (but not to big) board that deals a bit of damage and reduce him to 14-15 life. Then you can burst and bloodlust; the important thing is not to alarm him, because if you go to wide with the board you will get cleared. Aya, Rag and Al'Akir are REALLY strong and can win you the game if you manage to pressure one turn after another and he runs out of answers. Avoid coining out Totem Golem if you can because of Doomsayer, if you don't have a 1-drop on turn 2.

    Priest: (Tempo Dragon, Reno)

  • Lightning Bolt against tempo Dragon Priest, Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Totem GolemBloodmage Thalnos with Lightning Bolt and Spirit Claws
  • It is similar to Warlock (above) regarding the win condition with Bloodlust. It is really important against Tempo Dragon Priest is to be able to respond to board early. It is okay to spend Jade Lightning on board control, also Hex on Drakonid Operative for example. Late game is really strong and if you play it right you should be able to get out of AOE and win when Priest gets exhausted.

 Rogue: ("Piracle")

    • Lightning Bolt for Small-Time Buccaneer, SI:7, Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Feral Spirit if you already have a good curve, Totem GolemBloodmage Thalnos with Lightning Bolt and Spirit Claws. Also, Hex is really good for early threats, so is Jade Lightning if you already have a good curve, because Rogue's minions are mostly 4-HP. [card]Maelstrom Portal/card] isn't bad either, for early anti-pirate removal.
    • Rogue is a tough matchup if they manage to do the miracle. Try to make a strong board with Totem Golem, Tunnel Trogg, Feral Spirit etc. Make sure you DO NOT overload so much that you can't play Hex or Jade lightning next turn, or any key removal, if you know that they have enough mana and resources to develop board and/or burst. Try to have Lightning storm at ready (maybe even save Thalnos) when he conceals the board full of Gadgetzan Auctioneers, Azure Drakes, Tomb Pillagers, Leeroy etc. Rouge doesn't usually run taunts or heals so it is possible to just burst them down.

     Warrior: (Aggro Pirate + Control Warrior)

  • Aggro: Lightning Bolt for early removals, Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Feral Spirit if you already have a good curve, Totem Golem, [card]Maelstrom Portal/card] isn't bad either, for early anti-pirate removal.
  • This is a good matchup if you manage to control the board in the first 1-2 turns. Remove the pirates with mentioned cards, don't overload too much so you can't hex or remove Frothing Berserker (which can be really scary and can win them the game). Your Hero Power is an important source because it provides you TAUNT and makes Thing from Below cheaper, so try to use it whenever you can. Al'Akir is mostly instant concede. Make sure you play around mortal strike, count the damage and you should be fine!

  • Control: Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Totem GolemBloodmage Thalnos with Spirit Claws, Barnes is good if you have a good curve already
  • This can be a hard matchup because of Brawl and Revenge, but there is always a way to play around that. Try to stay under 3 minions on the board, and when you have good minions, DO NOT use your Hero Power because it creates tokens for Brawl. Try to push your Jade Golems as quickly as possible. Hex Sylvanas, Grommash, Ysera (even Alley Armorsmith if you can't remove it in any other way and you don't want him pumping the armor). It is important to bait out AOE removals before you are about to play a big threat like Aya, Rag and Al'Akir - so the time before playing them is the time to press hero power a lot and get into brawl. Play them one by one, so he runs out of answers. Stay out of Revenge (if you have a Thing from Below and he has a weapon, don't reduce him to 17 and under because he can reduce himself to 12 by hitting it and clear your board that way!). Beware of Grommash + Cruel Taskmaster/Revenge/Slam. Also, most of them play Dirty Rat + Brawl, so don't leave your only big threat as your only minions in hand if you don't have to.

 Mage: (Reno)

    • Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Totem GolemBarnes is good if you have a good curve already
    • It's pretty much the same as against all the other Reno decks. Make sure you stay out of things like MCT, Second-Rate Bruiser etc. if you have no way of dealing with it. Also, be aware that most Mages run Solia in this meta - it can mean free Flamestrike, Kazakus potion, Pyroblast, Firelands portal etc. so from turn 7 onward make sure you consider it. It can be a hard matchup because of their ability to remove minions with all kinds of spells (and the Tome providing them with even more) and Ice Block, but it is also winnable with burst and/or Bloodlust.

    Shaman: (Jade + Pirate + Aggro)

  • Lightning Bolt for early removals, Spirit ClawsTunnel TroggJade Claws (if you have Tunnel Trogg, this is preferred, not Spirit Claws), Totem Golem, Maelstrom Portal/card] isn't bad either, for early anti-pirate removal, [card]Bloodmage Thalnos with Lightning Bolt and Spirit Claws, Hex for the 7/7 is a must against aggro, it can win you the game and you DO save it in mulligan
  • This is a grinding matchup - you have to make sure you have all the early game answers to an aggressive board so you can develop yours later. Hexing the 7/7 is really important; make sure you don't overload with Feral Spirits or something so you can't do it. Keep track of when he overloads - if he can't play a certain card because of his future overload, means you don't have to play around it. It is okay to storm if he has Feral Spirits on board, maybe one more totem and/or minion. Also, you can use Bloodlust to regain board control. Al'Akir and Rag are both really good in their own ways, go with Al'Akir first if you can (it will be explained later). It is also okay to hex Aya!

 Druid: (Jade)

  • A few questions!

  • Why only one Flametongue TotemI didn't find it as useful when I don't have anything to give + attack. I feel that one is quite enough, and it often comes out of Barnes, so it's like having two. But you can run two if you feel the need.
  • Why only one Feral SpiritSimply because of overload. It's nice to have them, but in this meta you have to respond to a lot of threats and it's good to reduce amount of overload, especially with a deck with two Lightning Storms in it.
  • Why BarnesTunnel Trogg, Flametongue Totem, Bloodmage Thalnos & Azure Drake for spell damage, Aya, Thing from Below (it's a good little taunt vs pirate warrior etc.), Al'Akir, Ragnaros
  • Why both Al'Akir the Windlord and Ragnaros the Firelord? Isn't it too greedy? How do you play it? The two of them are really good together in the current meta because there are a lot of Reno and control decks, and you want your Mid-Range to last against them. Ragnaros cannot be answered by aggro decks, and Al'Akir makes them spend burst on it because it is a taunt and it deals serious damage to their low value board (and health). If you have both of them in hand, it isn't a bad thing - when playing against aggro, Al'Akir usually always goes first to take down at least two minions/tokens/totems and bring you to the board. After that, Rag has less targets to hit and finishes off opponent's board, making it really hard to remove. Against control, it's really good to have one extra threat to get back on the board when one of your end-game minions is removed. It makes your deck last longer, they give really good value to Barnes and it exhausts your opponent's deck. If you feel it's too much, you can always throw out one of them, but this is the version that is also anti-control oriented, so be aware of that, too.


That will be it for now. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to post it in comments - also, if anyone gets Legend with this deck and wants to share it, you can send me the printscreen and I will mention it in this post!

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