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[Rank 9 to Legend] Reno Mage (Edited x2 Matchup...

  • Last updated Jan 15, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 12300
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/9/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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[About me]

Spaniard who started Hearthstone at Beta. Now I only play when new cards are released (the game/meta is more interesting). Got 4x top 100 ladder finishes, including last season.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Ineefable

Twitch Page - twitch.tv/ineefable

[About this post]

I'll be answering in the comments section as long as people keep interested in this deck. Also i will try to make updates until we get a complete guide as soon as possible.

Im surprised my guide reached the main page of HearthPwn! Thank you all for reading/upvoting! I updated this with matchups/mulls guide, hope it helps you.

[About the deck]

This is the list I used to climb from Rank 9 to Legend this season. There is two versions of this deck. The "value version" relies more on creatures and has Medivh, the Guardian as win condition. The "spell version" (this one) is pretty much like a Freeze deck with Reno Jackson and Kazakus.

I think this is the first time since the game release that we can talk about a true Control deck. Both Reno and Kazakus are extremely powerful cards that justify by their own building a deck around them. Also the deck is so flexible that you can adapt it to the meta or simply run whatever you feel confortable with. A truly customizable deck is something that doesnt happen often, so if you like Control decks I highly recommend this one to you!



[Matchups & Mulligan Guide]

Aggro Shaman / Pirate Warrior

-Gameplan is identical for both matchups: you just try to survive until they get out of gas.

-Cards to keep: Doomsayer, Reno Jackson, Kazakus, Acidic Swamp Ooze, and all the early game stuff. If you already have a decent hand you can keep Polymorph against Shaman.

-Cards to not keep: Secrets are too slow and they give you time but not board advantage. Volcanic Potion seems like an early game card, but in fact it as a mid game one. Today a lot of early minions have 3 or 4 toughness besides pirates.

-Tips: Keep in mind that usually you need Reno Jackson or/and Kazakus in order to win, so don’t be too conservative at mulls. A hand of Doomsayer, Frost Bolt, Forbidden Flame and Arcane Blast can be nice, but I prefer to mull out Frost Bolt and see a new card. If you are making 1-for-1s every single turn they are in advantage, also your Hero Power can replace a removal card. You need to find the balance between surviving and trying to get the winning cards as soon as possible.

 Reno Mage / Reno Warlock

-Gameplan here are similar again: you try to outvalue them in a long and grindy game.

-Cards to keep: Forbidden Flame / Polymorph (you need one to deal with some mid game stuff like Twilight Drake). Brann Bronzebeard and Kazakus, because this combination is key to resolve the game. Arcane Intellect / Cabal Courier (at first turns both players uses their Hero Powers, so it better to play this cards in the “dead” turns and trying to build a solid hand fast).

-Cards to not keep: Mistress of Mixtures and Water Elemental are irrelevant. I like to wait until Brann or I really need a card to play Babbling Book, so it is better to mull him out and try to find a more important card.

-Tips: Be patient! Keep Alexstrasza for their Reno Jackson.Dirty Rat may be the 2nd most important card in this matchup. Stealing a Brann Bronzebeard, Kazakus, Reno Jackson, etc can make win you the game. A proactive way to play the Rat is in combination with Brann to increase the chances you get an important guy or when they play Doomsayer. Hold in your hand the irrelevant guys as long as you can to make their Rat worse. The most important card in this matchup is Brann, so try to get the maximum value of him. Emperor Thaurissan is also key, so try to play him when you have a decent hand and his effect allows you to start some engine (Antonidas plus spells or Brann/Kazakus/Courier/Book). I could write an entire article for this matchup, but you will get better the more you play it if you care more about learning than about winning or losing.


-Gameplan consists in surviving and trying to stop their combo… usually at the same time, which in my opinion makes this a tough matchup.

-Cards to keep: The mull is similar to aggro decks, but Polymorph becomes more relevant to stop their Edwin VanCleef, Questing Adventurer or Tomb Pillager.

-Cards to not keep: All that is irrelevant to stop their combo.

-Tips: They start the game as an aggro deck and ends in mid game with some giant monster or a combo that you can’t stop most of the time. Polymorph, Dirty Rat, Doomsayer and Kazakus are the most important cards. Flamestrike helps with Conceal, but usually they draw a lot of cards anyway. Kazakus helps at sweeping board or transforming their big guys into Sheeps. You are always in a reactive position, but Rogue is the kind of deck that is unstoppable if curves properly. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have tools to stop them.


-Gameplan: Druid benefits of your usual gameplan - making the game as long as possible. In this matchup it will result in an infinite Jade Golem army. Your gameplan consists in trying to do a board swing with some sweeper plus Doomsayer or a good Kazaku's Potion (clear the board + 8/8 demon/summon 3 minions) and then finish with Alex or Antonidas.

-Cards to keep: Kazakus! Sweepers are good but too slow to keep them in hand. I like to keep a minion-heavy hand in this matchup and try to get the board advantage. If they have to deal with minions their engine with start later or at least you can make trades and get some value from your guys until you draw the sweepers or start to be the aggressor with Alex or Antonidas.

-Cards to not keep: Already explained and easy to guess, right?

-Tips: Use your sweepers wisely, especially Doomsayer. If you fail at managing the damage you can do or the time to get the maximum value from them it will cost you the game. Also always kill Fandral Staghelm!





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