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[Meta Fix #2] Buff Pirate Aggro Hunter

  • Last updated Feb 11, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Face Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/4/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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You there!

Psst kid, wanna enjoy some get-destroyed-by-playing-hunter fiesta but with a bit better winratio than any hunter deck so you won't get utterly destroyed while having Vietnam flashbacks? This deck finally works again, jesus christ. Rank 5 is achievable :3 Continue reading and maximize you actions per second by making this deck at the same time.

I'm very famous Luzkan. Designed one of the first Secret Hunters that later on became meta in the ladder and the deck was rated [Funny and Good boy / 10 ]. U can check it here.

But now let's quickly get back to the real shit we need.

I present you Aggro Buff Pirate Hunter!


Have fun with this fast buff deck that just tries to rekt your opponent asap.

I'm still developing something like Control Reno C'Thun Hunter, but this aggro deck got me to Rank 5 today. Enjoy

Sadly, one month after the update Pirates (all classes) redesigned their decks into Hunter Holocaust. It does just fine against else but if you want to play for ranks, there are much better (Pirates) aggro decks for aggro gameplay. Poor Hunty :(

I'm going to make a guide and things like this after 15 likes because i'm scummy beggar. But here is an asap version that everyone needs just now.

Because the deck got 20 likes I'm writing a general guide with the basics that will guarantee instant 3 ranks boost with one simple trick (!) - reading. Scientics hate me!

More detailed guide comes with 100 likes. That won't happen, so now i'm again happy poor lazy physics student and can comeback to my boredom of counting limits and stuff.

Kill Me.

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Tempo Buff | Mage Barnes Spell Mage | Aggro Buff


1. Mulligan:

Like always, in "zoo like" decks this one takes some time to consider as we can mulligan almost for any card and anyway it'll be just fine. But just fine in times of turn one
[1/3 weapon] + [1/1 pirate] + [1/1 pirate charge] + [coin] + [2/1 pirate charge]
might be just a little not enough.

God Hand:

(Smuggler's CrateTrogg Beastrager + Rat Pack)
If you see that you are holding the God Hand (it's a little bit better than Poker Hand in 2mln$ tournament) then you should always keep it. Change it only if it's not your account and u want to do best prank 2016 on your friend.

Against Aggro:

(Cat / Bat / Your Mother / On the Hunt)
It makes sure you will be stronger against those filthyaggro retarded SMORc deck. Jesus I hate those aggro decks, so brainless, people should stop playing them. /s

Against Mid-Range:

(Cat / Bat) ---if you already have---> (Hyena / Wolf)
(CrateBeastrager) ---if you already have---> (Rat)
(Eaglehorn Bow) and same as the above
Hope I made this clear and understable. Also if you are playing against mage you can consider holding Quick Shot against Mage or Shaman to deal with the problem of Mana Wyrm or Tunnel Trogg. It's personal preference though.

Against Control:

(Use brain and just not garbage / Use brain and just not garbage)
Anybody saw control? I found two kids in the fog that probably didn't see the huge billboards with "Gadgetzan" and this deck just crushed them. Hopefully they were not severly damaged by the experience. :(


2. Replacements:

Yo, you were completly utter unlucky like always whenever you open packs? Don't you worry, 'cause imah 'bout to change your world!

Alleycat -> Argent Squire or Abusive Sergeant
Losing: "Beast" tag synergy and Ability to get 2/1 and 2/1 by Wolf or Elekk buff

Smuggler's Crate -> Argent Squire or Abusive Sergeant
The buff thing is the core of the deck dude. It's a common, get it or play my other deck where you can find more viable replacements. If u really want to SMorc then you can try these two though.

Trogg Beastrager -> Eaglehorn Bow
Just get the second weapon, it can't go bad here

Rat Pack -> You can't
Rat Pack gives too much synergy in the death with Scavenging Hyena and sticky-ness is profitable af.

Shaky Zipgunner -> Houndmaster
Both buffs for two but Shaky does the job better, more flexible and for better cost and we want to be aggro, right?

Dispatch Kodo -> You can't
Dispatch Kodo is just good and it's hard to replace so use your own imagination and think about smth that can work here. It's unique effect is just unique but here you are.

Just don't replace too much as this deck won't be this deck. Good luck boi.



3. Matchups Favor:

Good Against:

  • Druid: Malygos, Yogg-Jade Golem, Yogg, OTK
  • Hunter: Midrange
  • Mage: Freeze, Tempo, Highlander, Secret 
  • Paladin: Aggro Buff
  • Priest: Highlander
  • Rogue: Miracle, Deathrattle, Jade Golem
  • Shaman: Midrange, Murloc
  • Warlock: Zoo 
  • Warrior: Control

50/50 Against:

  • Druid: Jade Golem
  • Hunter:
  • Mage:
  • Paladin:
  • Priest: Dragon 
  • Rogue:
  • Shaman: Jade Golem
  • Warlock: Highlander
  • Warrior: Dragon

Bad Against:

  • Druid:
  • Hunter:
  • Mage:
  • Paladin: Midrange
  • Priest: AOE
  • Rogue: Pirate, Stealth
  • Shaman: Pirate Aggro, AOE
  • Warlock:
  • Warrior: Pirate, Taunt