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Handpump! (Meanstreet Tempo Hunter)

  • Last updated Dec 4, 2016 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 5020
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/1/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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Hello all, Tape here.  I play on North America, and usually fall between rank 5- legend most months.  Last month, I played lots of midrange shaman, secret hunter, zoolock, and miracle rogue.  This month, I am turning my attentions to creating something that can shake up the meta!

The meta is currently well represented in aggro, midrange, and late game decks.  

Aggro - Pirate warrior/rogue, 1drops paladin, Tempo Mage, zoolock

Midrange - Shaman, Dragon priest, Jade rogue, ~Hunter

Late - Handlock, Miracle Rogue/Druid Jade, Reno priest/mage

 This deck generally wants to be the aggressor, but has enough sticky minions and plays to actually burn aggro decks out of their resources and take over in the mid-late game.

Always try to abuse the synergies in the deck as much as possible, don't just blindly throw out guys on curve.  Sometimes you have to start calculating lethal push damage 2-3+ turns in advance, knowing when to trade and when to push face can really influence your winrate with this deck.

if you are new to this list: i have been going through some overhauls and lots of playtesting. I have tried many of the new cards and revisit some old ones.

This is my final draft, I will not edit it anymore this month. Thanks for your patience! I am proud of this creation, and hope it is both fun and competitive for your hearthstone ladder climb.  Let me know!

Now, before I get into my card selections, I will talk about some cards that DIDNT make this list.

Smuggler's Crate - Fun card that can help play all your mana on a turn, but it really sets you up for negative card advantage.  I prefer the buff to be attached to a minion.


Grimestreet Informant - this one was better then I thought at first glance. Still, being a tempo driven deck it can slow you down just a little too much.  It helps vs. the matchups you already do well against (control), and not the hard ones (pirate warrior) so it ultimately came out


Trogg Beastrager - I had him in for a long time, but again, a 3/2 with a quite minor ability (that is sometimes dead) just isn't enough punch for the deck. Abusive sergant comes down earlier, and can affect the board directly.


Animal Companion - Again, another tough call. Leorik works well with the deck too, and frankly happy to see any minion he summons. The 3 drop area is very crowded however with Shaky Zipgunner, Rat Pack, Kill Command and Eaglehorn Bow


Houndmaster Pretty high impact card, but only 8 beasts to target before turn 4.  Stronger then Abusive Sergeant but slightly less consistent.  I feel the first 3 turns of the game are more important to establish control.  You can make better Tundra Rhino combo plays with Abusive Sergeant as well.


Knuckles - Even when buffed its too slow unlessTundra Rhino is down.


Don Han'Cho - Again, fun, but just too slow for this deck.  Still a good card though.


Cult Master and Starving Buzzard - Cult master is decent, as is starving buzzard.. Just a bit over costed.  Its crazy when barnes gets them out of the deck though, but he has enough high value targets already.  The deck can put out enough steam to not need much or any card draw, Tracking will help you dig for what you need

 Now lets look at the Card selections

Abusive Sergeant Helps so many cards in the deck, creates favourable board control early. Loads of synergy with the deck


Alleycat Every hunter deck needs a good one drop. This one works best in this deck. Again, lots of synergy and tempo here.


Tracking Some people run 1, or 0 of this card.  This is nonsense.  Being able to dig to the answers you need is critical. 1 mana helps makes efficent use of your mana on akward turns also.


Dire Wolf Alpha See a theme here yet? This tempo deck thrives on the synergy around it's cards, much like the zoolock decks do. Wolf works great with Almost every card in the deck!  It's Super effective!


Explosive Trap Having two of these in the deck is kind of a metagame choice to help against the pirate warriors you will see 30-40% of the time on your journey up the ladder.  If you are looking for cards to replace in this deck, you could look at this depending how the meta your facing is.


Freezing Trap Being a tempo driven deck, this card can really be the nail in a coffin.  Sometimes ill run two instead of explosive if the meta is more midrange/slow.


Kindly Grandmother Very strong sticky cheap minion. Nuff said.


Quick Shot Derp


Eaglehorn Bow one is fine with 2 trackings i feel.  If you want to run 2 and cut one explosive that's ok too.


Kill Command Derp


Rat Pack A card many were hyped about and it has lived up to the billing. If you can set it next to direwolf and pump with abusive, even better!


Shaky Zipgunner One of the most under rated cards of the deck. 3/3 body is fine, the deathrattle is amazing at +2/2.  Tons of value out of this card, doesn't need a beast to pump either which is nice


Barnes  There are 20 minions in the deck (counting himself). 13/19 of the minions are more then just vanilla 1/1's, so 2/3 of the time you are getting a good result. Sometimes you have a KG or RP out, play barnes and "ramp" into tundra rhino Shenannigans.  Or sometime you just hit Highmane, KG, or Zipgunner.


Dispatch Kodo  He's like a mini fire elemental.  Except not mini. Sometimes he gets Pumped from zipgunner.  You can play him next to Direwolf to deal 1 bonus.  Sometimes you have Tundra Rhino out and you just drew lethal with him.


Leeroy Jenkins You need to end the game sooner then later.  Leeroy prefers sooner.


Tundra Rhino  There are enough beasts in the deck to interact with him.  Especially amazing with KG and Rat Pack, or if he lives a turn and you slam down highmane on 6.


Savannah Highmane AKA "Dr. 6" 

Thats all for now folks! A few more likes and I will write about matchups and mulligans, and try to put some streaming highlights together (im terrible at streaming though right now, total rookie. PM me for streaming tips/advice you think i could use)



You can watch me stream too! twitch.tv/tapewar