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[Updated] Burstdown Miracle Rogue

  • Last updated Jul 15, 2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 10500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/14/2014 (Live Patch 5170)
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Update: 07/14/2017

Deck has been updated. Guide will be updated at a later time.



The premise of this deck is to be able to bring your opponents health down from whatever number to 0.

Unlike the previous versions of burstdown, this deck relies more on minions and keeping board control. Once you have board control and see a viable opportunity to play addict, do so. The following turn, you should be able to do upwards of 20+ damage to the enemy.  

Cards Explained:


  • Bloodmage Thalnos : This guy is here to increase your burst damage, contribute to card draw, and helps in keeping the field clear with your fan of knives, backstabs, and eviscerates.

  • Mana Addict Mana addicts are this decks primary damage dealers. There are the scenarios of when you should play this card: You can swap out between Sir Finley Mrrgglton [/card] and one [card]Mana Addict depending on how much board clear you find in the meta.


    1. Next to a bigger/higher priority target when the opponent has limited removal.
    2. When your opponent has no minions on the field, but wants to play a minion on-curve. An example being turn 6, a hunter would like to play Savannah Highmane. If you play this card, he would instead be forced to use removal.
    3. Under a conceal when you have a hand full of spells and can set up lethal the next turn.
    4. Turn 7-8, if you have both Mana Addict and Conceal but have yet to draw Gadgetzan Auctioneer
    5. When your opponent is going for your face and is likely to ignore the addict
    6. When you have this card in your hand against aggro decks, but lack viable removal cards to play
    7. When you're cycling with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, are not in danger of losing the game the following turn, and can conceal the addict along with Gadgetzan.
  • Azure Drake : 5 mana, 4/4 with card draw and spell power. This card will often win you games. Use it with prep + fan of knives against aggro, or as cycling vs control. Vs classes that have 4 damage AoE (priest circle of healing), you want this guy to absorb it instead of your concealed Gadgetzan. 

  • Tomb Pillager: A free  Coin  works wonders with this deck, boosting your Edwin VanCleef, Gadetzan Auctioneer [/card],  and [card]Mana Addict.

  • Edwin VanCleef : Most decks in the current meta do not run silences, thus this card is an auto-include. Attempt to buff him up to unimaginable proportions whenever possible but watch out for Hex [/card] and [card] Shadow Word: Death
  • Argent Horserider: This is  here instead of an Si7 for multiple reasons. (Tip: You can swap him out for a second SI7 as a preference!)
    • This card, unlike SI7, does not require you to burn a Coin or Preparation to use on turn 3.
    • Horserider has AMAZING synergy with cold blood. Against control decks such as Control Warrior, this combo can win you the game.
    • This card is more consistent compared to Si7 since it does not function on an awkward combo mechanic. 
  • SI:7 Agent: A staple card in rogue's arsenal that deals 2 damage with a 3/3 body to boot. Sadly in the current meta, a 3/3 body gets removed fairly easily, and 2 damage is likely not enough to kill most minions on curve, even with Backstab [/card]. (Tip: You can swap him out for a second [card] Argent Horserider if you encounter too many problems with him.)
  • Leeroy Jenkins This card is making a comeback in Miracle Rogue for one primary reason; rogue desperately lacks a viable finisher. WithBlade Flurry no longer dealing face damage, rogue needs something that can hit the enemy for lethal. UsingLeeroy Jenkins in addition to multiple copies Eviscerate [/card] or [card] Cold Blood can act as a viable finisher.
  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton: This card mitigates the worst aspect of Rogue; the hero power. Using this card, you can have a Warlock hero power for quick cycling of removal against control decks or a warrior/druid/priest hero power to act as an all purpose heal against aggro. The 1-3 body also acts as a Stampeding Kodo magnet which can protect your Mana Addict from harms way. 
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer  Your bread and butter cycling card. Slightly nerfed, but whatyagonna do? These are the following acceptable times to play him (Tip: play him on earlier turns against more aggressive decks!)

    • Turn 8/9: You can play Gadgetzan Auctioner [/card] [card] Mana Addict with a Conceal these turns to set up an almost assured lethal, assuming the enemy doesn't board wipe through conceal.
    • Turn 7: Play him in conjunction with a Conceal [/card]. Save your [card] Preparation for removal or sapping threats on the board away. 
    • Turn 6: Use him turn 6 in conjunction with a Preparation if you're in desperate need of board clear. 
    • Turn 5: You can use coin to play him a turn earlier, but you should only do this if you're in a desperate situation!


  • Backstab Use this to keep the field clear. Against aggro you should save for the most lucrative targets (think Knife Juggler as opposed to flame imp)

  • [cardPreparation[/card] Due to the Blade Flurry [/card] nerf, you are no longer able to save this card for Auctioneer. Instead, you should use this card when you play [card]Tomb Pillager, Azure Drake, or Edwin VanCleef to generate tempo and take control of the field. You can also use this in conjunction with Bloodmage Thalnos and Fan of Knives to clear the field of minion spam. 

  • Journey Below: This card is multi-purpose.

    1. You can use this card as a spell-minion conversion card and select a minion that will put you on curve.

    2. You can play this card before turn 4 to have a very large chance of getting Xaril or Tomb Pillager.

    3. You can use this card as a 1 mana card when cycling with Gadgetzan Auctioneer if you draw into it 
    4. You can use this card as a late-game finisher by selecting a strong, high cost minion.
  • Conceal: Use this card onMana Addict [/card]if you have enough damage spell cards in your hand for lethal the following turn. You can also use this on a cold blooded minion to set up lethal the following turn. Otherwise, save this card for cycling with [card]Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

  • Deadly Poison: Not as good as it used to be due to a lack of Blade Flurry. This card is mostly used to destroy enemy minions and keep the board clear. 

  • Eviscerate: Use this card as removal first, face damage second.

  • Sap: Sap all the nasty minions away. An amazing card, keep two in the deck. Playing this card under a Preparation along with a large minion greatly helps you secure the field.

  • Fan of knives: Shiv's older brother. For 1 mana more, you get to clear out those pesky zoo/hunter drops! Try to combo it with preparation when possible, especially when you're cycling with Gadetzan Auctioneer. Use with Preperation and spell power to get the harder to clear minions. You should also use this card if you have nothing better to play and are in need of cycling. 

How to play/mulligan:

 ALWAYS KEEP VS EVERYTHING: These cards generate tempo and keep you alive. 



Argent Horserider

Edwin VanCleef [/card] (SITUATIONAL. Keep if you have [card] Backstab Preperation [/card] or [card] Coin )




Warrior [You will encounter mostly dragon/face warriors. Don't mulligan expecting control.